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  1. addiman09

    I'm Back!

    I will admit that i absolutely love my 300zx but i missed my ranger so much that when i saw the guy i sold my ranger to i had no other choice than to go grab it :yahoo: so now i have my ranger!!!! and i also have my now twin turbo z32!! :icon_thumby:
  2. addiman09

    Bye Guys!

    Thanks for having me on here but i released the ranger to a new owner and have picked up a 1990 Nissan 300zx N/A, the only other vehicle that i would want other than my ranger. Thanks for all the help you guys gave me!
  3. addiman09

    Truck not moving in gear

    i have a 2003 2.3 L standard ranger...and when i put it in first or reverse it will not move. It seems to me that the clutch will not catch the teeth of the ring gear because my truck will run with the e-brake on in first gear with the clutch released. I replaced my flywheel about 12000 miles...
  4. addiman09

    Parts store??

    Does anybody have an idea of a good online store for buying ranger parts, aftermarket? Thanks
  5. addiman09

    ECU Chip for 2.3L ranger

    Do they make a ecu chip for the 03 2.3L ranger, i only ask because i can only find chips from edge, which i was referred to, but their lowest liter is 6.0 powerstrokes, any help Thanks
  6. addiman09

    2003 Governor

    i need help finding the governor on a 03 ranger 5spd 2.3 liter, i would like to know if it is screw in or if it is a piece of software, i've spent about 20 hours in 2 days foolin around and cleaning my engine and replacing parts, and this is the last thing that i would like to do.

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