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  1. air conditioning diagnosis?

    Is there a pressure switch on the AC system that keeps you from engaging the compressor clutch when the pressure gets too low? This is on a 91 explorer. I can't get power to my clutch and can't figure out why. Tired of not having AC and need to get it fixed. Once I get it figured out, how...
  2. 91 explorer vibration

    Happens right at 65 and over. Very annoying. Just swapped tires so I know it's not the tires. Redid the rear driveshaft ujoints in December. Wheelbearings, balljoints and all steering is tight. Happens in 4th gear and 5th gear. Vibration doesn't change when clutch is pushed in. Caster is...
  3. 95-2001 explorer suspension pic?

    Looking for a picture of the rear suspension. Do they run some sort of short track bar on the rear axle? Looks like it does but I haven't been able to locate one to take a look. Any help would be much appreciated.
  4. 91 explorer disk brake swap

    I just swapped disk brakes from a 97 explorer onto my 91. The pads and rotors had no grooves in them but a tad bit of rust. I cleaned everything up the best I could. When I first took it for a ride I can hear the rear pads rubbing the rotors just slightly. This should go away with a little...
  5. 91 explorer bumper question

    I'm not very happy with my factory bumper, it's pretty plain, bent and doesn't fit the truck. Looking for ones with maybe fog lights. Will the second gen explorer bumpers fit the 91?
  6. good candidate for turbo?

    http://www.alaskamotorsports.com/forums/showthread.php?t=43488 Good turbo swap candidate. Body needs paint but interior is okay. Needs head gasket right now.
  7. so, need some advice

    I have a disk setup off of a small bearing 8.8. Some kind of lincoln or ford car. I have everything with new pads and rotors. Problem is, I need it to fit on large bearing 8.8 Options are: 1. sell outright 2. Redrill to fit large bearing 8.8 3.Trade for large bearing 8.8 stuff. I really...
  8. toe?

    How much toe are you guys running? I'm running factory tires and wheels. I set it at 1/8" in but it seems like it's too much. Maybe more? Less? Steering just seems more sloppy now.
  9. 91 4.0 low oil light

    It looks like I'm leaking oil from somewhere around the sensor. Anyone have any idea as to how it's sealed off? Looks like there is an adapter, then the sensor screws in. Just trying to see what I might need in parts to get it fixed. Is this a common problem?
  10. 4.0 a little shaky

    I have a 91 explorer and for some reason when it idles down, around 800RPM, it shakes a decent amount. More annoying than anything. Does it whether warm or cold. It has a slight shake throughout RPM's although more so at idle. I replaced the spark plugs already so I know they are good. Any...
  11. cruise control issues

    My cruise control doesn't work. How do I diagnose? Obviously I can't leave the hood up and hang out the window going down the road. Should I replace the vacuum canister deal? It's a manual transmission truck, how do I test the VSS?
  12. 4wd dash light partially lit?

    My 4wd light on my dash stays partially lit sometimes. Even with the key off. Any ideas? I've swapped out the 4wd controller, motor and switch. Still does it. I check the ground in the back for the controller also and all is good.
  13. Bolt hole spacing on big bearing 8.8

    Can someone tell me the bolt hole spacing on an explorer 8.8 for the backing plates?
  14. dropped 2 door explorer?

    I'm looking to drop my explorer 1-1.5"s. How do I go about it? I was thinking about a zero rate leaf in the back for the 1.25"s, but the front is where I was not sure. I'd rather not cut my springs.
  15. M5OD problem

    How do I get the main shaft out. Are the bearings pressed on? My 3/4 synchros welded themselves together. I'm trying to get it apart to see if it's salvageable. Afraid they are also welded to the shaft. Trying to get all the gears, synchros off the shaft. Please help.
  16. M50D clutch line removal

    mine won't come off. I have a little split plastic piece around where it's supposed to be pushed in. Then I have another split plastic piece that looks like a fuel line removal tool. How the hell is it supposed to come off.
  17. Possibly dropping 3" body lift, help needed

    I am looking to cut my body lift in half to 1.5"s. Currently, my intake tube won't clear my fan. I am running 36" tires and have 11''s from the top of my tires in the front to the fender. Picture of current clearance. I am a bit worried about the rear tire clearance after drop with...
  18. 91 explorer with 5 speed

    The tranny has worked fine up until today. Never made a noise until now. Always went into 3rd and 4th kinda stiff but never failed to go in. Now it won't go into any gear but 5th and reverse. Also has a squeak coming from it and clunked now and again. Any thoughts? Time for another new...
  19. 99 ranger suspension

    I have this 99 ranger that I am fixing for a family member. The previous owner beat it up pretty bad. The camber is way off, it looks as though somebody jumped it a time or two. With the torsion bars maxed out the camber is still out. Should I replace bars? New keys? Looking for some advice.
  20. factory 91 explorer wheel offset?

    Anyone know what it is? I've been looking online but haven't been able to find.

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