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  1. 88B2EB

    Replacing belts & steering pump... Anything else while I'm in there?

    Hey guys. I've got the old belts and leaky power steering pump out to be replaced. Is there anything else I should look at or replace while everything's apart?
  2. 88B2EB

    Looking at Ford Escapes

    I'm hoping to get a few suggestions from you guys that either own one or work on them regularly(Adsm?). My wife and I are thinking about getting a 2nd gen, 4cyl, automatic, 2wd to replace her '97 Taurus. According to Wikipedia the '08 had the 2.3L with 4 speed and the '09-12's had a 2.5L...
  3. 88B2EB

    Insuring older vehicles

    Well the Bronco II project is almost finished so now comes the really hard part: getting it insured:annoyed:. My current insurer has given me problems in the past when I've asked to put full coverage on a vehicle more than 20 years old. I have another vehicle on historic insurance through...
  4. 88B2EB

    '94 Ranger - ABS Light

    Any idea why the ABS light might come on other than for a low fluid level? That's what it's always been for me in the past and I didn't realize the 18 year old system was capable of reading anything else.
  5. 88B2EB

    97 Taurus - How much tranny fluid?

    Does anybody know off hand how much transmission fluid to put back in after doing a filter change? 1997 Ford Taurus 3.0 SOHC.
  6. 88B2EB

    Buying a paint sprayer, advice appreciated!

    I've been shopping for a pneumatic paint sprayer and need some help with what to look for. I need it to spray epoxy bonding primer, high-build primer, and single stage urethane for my Bronco II project. I have little experience with Auto painting so am just hoping for some advice from those of...
  7. 88B2EB

    WTF?! Body mounts rusted off front clip

    I just crawled under my '94 Ranger to inspect what I thought were bad front body mounts and found this mess. I know it's common with the old Rangers for the rear shackles to rust off (I replaced mine about 80K ago) but this one was a jaw dropper for me. So now the question is what to do...
  8. 88B2EB

    Josh's Bronco II Body Restoration Thread

    I bought the Bronco back in March to replace my '94 Ranger. It's got quite a few less miles and more importantly a back seat for my kids. I've always liked the first gen's and this particular year carries an added attachment for me as my first vehicle was an '88 Ranger. Had some good times in...
  9. 88B2EB

    DIY Bodywork/Painting - Would you recommend it?

    I bought an '88 Bronco II recently that's in great shape other than some rust spots starting in the usual places that I wanted to get fixed before driving it. No holes visible, although that will probably change after sand blasting. The plan is to fix the rust spots and do a complete repaint...
  10. 88B2EB

    '88 B2 Seat Repair - questions

    My driver seat backrest has the typical inward slant and it's killing my back. The truck still has the original EB seats so I'd rather try to fix em rather than just swapping in a junkyard seat from something close. Anyway, I got a good start today but wanted to step back and ask a few...
  11. 88B2EB

    Introduction and some questions

    Hi all, just bought an '88 Bronco II Eddie Bauer to replace my '94 Ranger. I hate to see the Ranger go, it's been a great truck the past 10 years, but I've got a couple 7 month olds now and need something with a back seat and the mileage is really getting up there so it's just time for a...

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