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  1. Jim Henderson

    Opening morning Bull

    Hey guys , opening morning yesterday for our bow season here in Alberta and my elk hunt was over in 30 minutes ,,, the Ranger hauls out another fine bull !!! :yahoo: :headbang: :icon_hornsup:
  2. Jim Henderson

    Transfer Case not working !!

    Was a little disappointed this evening , wanted to get into a lake that is pretty tough to get into , and when I got out and locked my hubs , and pushed the 4X button on the dash the light comes on but it's defiantly not in 4 wheel drive and couldn't get it into 4 lo . Knowing there was a...
  3. Jim Henderson

    Having a good summer ,,, and a junk Couger RX 7

    Hey all ,,, hope everybody has been having a great summer so far , doing a ton of mudding , fishing , and R&R ,,,, and just generally having a good time . I picked up a scrap mid 90's Cougar RX 7 , and was wondering if anyone ever tried a 4.6 L swap into a Ranger ???? Give me all your do's...
  4. Jim Henderson

    Slave cylinder line blew off !

    Well , I've been working so hard on my truck for the past 2 1/2 months and today was the day to put it to the test. Had a trip all planned out , me and a couple buddy's heading up to the slide and get some great wheeling in. I should mention that through most of my build I was able to keep...
  5. Jim Henderson

    Throw me a like.

    So I entered my truck into a contest which has a pretty sweet prize pack. It sure wish I could pick up a bunch more likes on my pic ,,,, If ya'll could take a minute of your time to go to thebearrocks.com , and click on the contest entitled Truck You , and cast a like and a vote on my picture...
  6. Jim Henderson

    All outdoors stuff.

    Being still fairly new here I thought I'd post up some pic's of me not working on my truck and show off some other fun stuff I'm into. Enjoy. :icon_thumby:
  7. Jim Henderson

    Good 'ol boys across the pond !!!

    I thought this was a pretty cool watch!! http://youtu.be/4JsXcyOo-Uk
  8. Jim Henderson

    A few issues ????

    Hey guys , while I'm sitting around waiting on my stuff from 4Wheel Performance , I figured I'd tackle a few small issues that are ailing my Ranger. 1. Has no interment lights in dash ,,, figured out which slot in the fuse panel and put one in . 2. Had a leaking Diff cover , cleaned off with...
  9. Jim Henderson

    Just a pic or two.

    Hello every body , just go signed up today and have spent a couple hours lurking around the site , and am happy I found it . :D Thought I'd throw in a couple pics of my old 91 , and of the new to me project I'm starting on.
  10. Jim Henderson

    New Guy

    Howdy , just got signed up here , new to the site but not so new the Rangers , hope to get to know a bunch of you's here and have some fun. I just retired my old 91 Ranger With 410,000 Km's on it , and am building up a new to me 94 XLT Ranger . I live out in the bush in Alberta Canada , and...

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