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  1. zigzag801

    anyone go to Reiter Pit?

    Just heard about this place a couple days ago and I really want to go but it looks way to intense for my truck right now..anyone ever gone? Would be awesome to go with some people from TRS
  2. zigzag801

    Quads/ATV question

    My bro and I are going to be buying some quads sometime soon and I was wondering if my 3.0 V6 4x4 could tow 2 quads. I'm getting a light bar in the back bed so I'm wondering if that will be in the way of the quads as well. I was thinking about putting one quad on the bed and the other on the...
  3. zigzag801

    so some hippies yelled at me today...

    Today I was heading into work and I noticed this prius was following me for a while. I got to the parking lot and parked in my usual spot and the prius parked right next to me...a couple came out and started yelling at me about how I'm destroying the environment with my truck..and I mean...
  4. zigzag801

    any idea's on my engine noise?

    I made a post a long time ago on my engine sound making a whirring windy sound. I installed a new fan clutch and a new belt and the problem still persists. So I made a little video to help make my problem a little more easier for people to understand and maybe find a solution on whats up. Maybe...
  5. zigzag801

    Grille/Brush Guard question

    I've got a 1994 Ford Ranger and I can't seem to find a Grille/Brush guard for the Ranger. I want to find one that will bolt on the bumper not the frame because I plan on getting a lift on the truck and I hear there could be problems with that. I have been finding them for later years but not old...
  6. zigzag801

    need opinion on speakers!

    I need you're guy's opinion on some speakers I'm looking into. Found these on crutchfield for 130 bucks and was thinking about getting 4 of them for all round the truck JL Audio TR525-CXi 2-way 5-1/4" speakers (pair) injection-molded mica-filled polypropylene woofer butyl rubber surround...
  7. zigzag801

    problem with 5th gear

    Since I've boughten my 1994 Ford Ranger V6 3.0 Manual Transmission a couple months ago, I've have a hard time in 5th gear. All the other gears seem to be fine but when I shift into 5th gear my Truck like lugs and jerks and I can't get speed very fast. It also makes the speedometer go up and down...
  8. zigzag801

    New Seats!

    went to the salvage yard on tuesday and found a 97 exploder with a powered seat and a center console. So here are some pics of what I did.. Before: And After: Now I'm gonna get some material for the boot and need to get a new cover for the arm rest because there is a small tear but that...
  9. zigzag801

    need decal opinion

    I got the wrong decal in the mail today. It is the right phrase but wrong font. I will not lie..I am a nerd and majoring in computer science. So I wanna know what you guys think I should put on the truck. Should I put this one on which is a computer font (The one I got) or the one that I...
  10. zigzag801

    change of heart, need new direction

    I'm sad to say that I won't be doing any hardcore off roading like I wanted to with my Ranger. I was planning on getting a 4inch suspension lift and get new suspension all around. Well now with school coming up and work I can't find the time. I will go mudding every now and then and some minor...
  11. zigzag801

    idea's on alarm system?

    so long story short my neighborhood is getting a little bit more shady, but not so much stealing but of rocks and paintballs being shot at cars. (Which a lot of times brakes the neighbors windows) I was wondering if it was possible to install an alarm on a completely manual car and if so which...
  12. zigzag801

    Bed liner question

    My ranger has a plastic bed liner and I heard that plastic ones are bad because they can generate rust under it. My liner is not sealed at all and seems kind of loose. Should I just take it off and get a spray on in the next few months to come or leave it on there? Thanks for the help
  13. zigzag801

    Decal Question

    need help with picking a color for a "The Ranger Station.com" decal. My Truck has a Blue Body, and everything else blacked out. Rear Lights, nerf bars, black rims, black grill and tinted windows. It's not all done but I'm working on it =P I also plan to put two black racing stripes down the...
  14. zigzag801

    94 Nerf Bar question

    anyone know a company that sells exact fits of Nerf Bars for a 94 extended cab Ranger? Or at least know nerf bars that will fit. Don't really want to drill new holes in the truck to get the nerf bars to fit. Although my truck never had nerf bars so I might have to anyways lol. Thanks for help...
  15. zigzag801

    got a headlight/trim question

    didn't really know where to put this. I'm looking into either getting new headlights that gets rid of this trim (me taking it off and covering it with the light) or if someone knows where I can get a black one/one I can paint. I want to get new headlights because the ones I have are crap. So any...
  16. zigzag801

    A lift kit guide?

    Just got a 94 Ranger last week as a car for the winter and wheeling and I want to lift it 4 inches. The problem is I don't really know what I need to buy. I know I need to buy a kit and then wheels/tires and a new gear set. However I was wondering if anyone knew of a site or something that tells...
  17. zigzag801

    strange whirring noise..

    my 94 v6 3.0 has been having a strange "whirring" noise lately. Like air going through some kind of tube noise (Kind of hard to explain) Anyways it starts when the truck is started and gets louder when the RPMs get higher and just keeps on going forever doesn't matter what gear I'm in. One of my...
  18. zigzag801

    confused on wheels and tires

    my Ranger XLT 1994 has 5-4.5 lug nut pattern same as I bet most of you. Well I cant seem to find a good type of tire/wheel combo. I'm putting a 4'' lift on the truck and I want to put 33s on the truck and use maybe 15'' rims but I can't seem to find the right width for the wheels...I was looking...
  19. zigzag801

    wheel question for ranger

    ok so I"m a little confused. I have been doing a lot of research on tires and wheels and all that. I'm planning on putting a 4 inch lift on my 94 Ford Ranger XLT so I plan on getting 33' tires on it. Well I can't find the wheels for the tires. I have a lug nut pattern on 5-4.5 and I can't find...

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