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  1. 1badexplorer

    Dana 60 sas ?'s

    Depends on what you are planning on doing with it. I did one. Several other member on here have done them in the past. I don't use anything besides a 60 front now.
  2. 1badexplorer

    Will TTB D44 knuckles fit anything else?

    The hubs fit a straight axle d44. The knuckles can be made to fit a ttb35 but they aren't a bolt on. My opinion is to keep the hubs and lockouts and pitch the rest. That's what I usually do when I have a ttb 44.
  3. 1badexplorer

    9 in question

    Well do you plan to go full width or do you want something narrow to match your factory wheel track? You can start by taking some measurements of the 9" axle. See what bolt pattern it is and measure the wheel mounting surface.
  4. 1badexplorer

    Anybody ever use a Sterling 10.25?

    They are the same pattern
  5. 1badexplorer

    Dana 44 questions help!!

    66-77 Broncos are welded to the frame. The 78-79 Bronco is made just like a truck and can be unbolted.
  6. 1badexplorer

    land rover rears under an 88 ranger??

    X2 I would also get something different to use.
  7. 1badexplorer

    What do I need to grab...

    A F150 shouldn't have a Dana 60 axle. A F150 should have a 9". Does it have 8 bolt wheels? Either way grab the u bolt top plates because they will have the correct spacing for the diameter axle tube you are using. It might not hurt to grab the driveshaft so you have the end you can adapt to...
  8. 1badexplorer

    What do I need to grab...

    Front axle or rear? what year truck is it coming out of and how do you plan to put it in? leafs or coils?
  9. 1badexplorer

    are FW and EB 44s radius arms the same?

    Yes. Actually from what I've found 77 and older full sizes use the same arms as a EB. The mounting holes are closer together. I have a stack of them behind the garage too. I had close to 50 at one point lol.
  10. 1badexplorer

    dana 44

    I'm pretty sure that in 86 a GM truck used a GM 10 bolt front not a dana 44. You would have to double check the tube diameters if it is a 44. If everything matches up press them out and weld them back in the other center.
  11. 1badexplorer

    Dana 60 30 to 35 spline

    No you got it. Just bore the housing if you have to and buy axles and carrier.
  12. 1badexplorer

    Dana 44 questions help!!

    ^ X2 however you will want radius arm brackets from a fullsize 73-79 truck. The EB 44 rad arm brackets are welded to the frame.
  13. 1badexplorer

    Dana 50ttb

    You can probally add one extra leaf up front. Anything more than an inch or so and you will need drop brackets.
  14. 1badexplorer

    F250 d44

    The f250 d44 is no stroner than a f150 d44. The f250 has a thicker axle tube and bigger brakes. There is no benifit from using a f250 in a Ranger instead of a F150 axle. It will actually probally hurt you. The F250 axle has dual piston calipers which require you to run alot of offset in your...
  15. 1badexplorer

    2000 f350 Powerstroke 4x4 dually build

    I've decided it's time I start a build thread. I've owned this truck for about 8 months now. I've done alot of work to it already and have alot of plans for the future. The day I bought it. When I brought it home and gave it a good wash.
  16. 1badexplorer

    waggy 44 caliper brackets

    If I remeber right aren't they the same as a 1/2 ton GM with a dana 44?
  17. 1badexplorer

    Dana 44 regear tips & tricks

    ^^^ x2
  18. 1badexplorer

    eb dana 44 question

    You can also use 1/2 ton chevy dana 44 caliper brackets, spindles, and calipers, and a 77+ ford 1/2 ton hub & rotor if you want to keep your original steering knuckles.
  19. 1badexplorer

    EB Dana 44 Questions

    Those are 76-77 EB brakes. They are the same as full size brakes. But the steering knuckle is different. The knuckles curve in more by the TRE. The TRE that they use is smaller than a fullsize and different than a drum brake axle. The factory style tierods on it form a Y shape like factory...
  20. 1badexplorer

    need some help with my dana 44

    The factory tierods on a 78-79 go straight across from knuckle to knuckle. The 77 style forms a Y shape with the pass side tirod goin up to the pitman arm simmilar to the factory setup on a TTB ranger

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