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  1. b_aldredeg

    Dana 44 and Ford 9" Swap

    looks like you all had fun working on this i new he was doing it just got around tonight and looked at it not bad at all might have to find me some axels one day and do it to mine
  2. b_aldredeg

    4.0 missfire

    been having a odd missfire on the #4 cylnder for a wile now and its to the point thats its geting worse with time put new plugs in and wires and fixed it for about a month and now its back and it runs bad in the moring when start it up when its cold runs great when warm was thanking it might be...
  3. b_aldredeg

    leaky headers

    have headman headers on my truck been on there for 2 years now with no leaks well the other day it blew a gasket on the drivers side header got some new gasket and put it in and the leak is not as loud as it was but its still there what can i do to fix this ive had this header off 4 times now...

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