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  1. partin_us_99

    94 ranger foggers

    I've gotta 94 ranger xlt with factory fog lights. Im sick of having to spend 20 bucks a light to replace the entire glass bulb. Im looking for a direct fit after market housing taking only simple bulb replacement not the entire glass bulb. Anyone know of a setup like this? Lmk Partin_us_99 is my...
  2. partin_us_99

    Tradin my 94 ranger

    So guys i've put alot of time and money into my ranger but i think it's time to let her go and get a family friendly vehicle. Got offered a 96 suburban for my truck with tool box and wheels and everything but the aftermarket radio straight up. It has 4" lift on it already and i'm really thinkin...
  3. partin_us_99

    Diesel tractor motor

    I dont know if this has been covered or not on this forum but i was watching a youtube video on putting a tractor motor in a truck and making 50+ mpg's. It was in a 2wd i think but i'd like to do this to a 4x4 ik it wouldnt get 50+ mpg's BUT it would be better then the less than 18 im gettin...
  4. partin_us_99

    Who wants to play what the hell is that and how can i find this part?

    Hey guys got a tricky situation on my 94 4x4 steering. Where the steering column comes through the firewall there is a piece of pipe or something protruding from the firewall. WELL as we all know these rangers are in love with mating with rust. Well rust ate that tubular piece to hell now...
  5. partin_us_99

    Help me before i buy expensive parts plz. ASAP

    Hey guys been a member for a while and i need advice before i buy a whole new clutch kit plus flywheel. Well let me tell ya the issue. When i first start up the truck and drive it around town a little bit to get it up to operating temps it shifts fine. No problems until it gets warmed up. Then...
  6. partin_us_99

    Body guru's chime in here!

    Hey guys, Lookin for some advice here. I wrinkled my bed against a tree and instead of replacing the entire bed i've been searching HIGH AND LOW for just a replacement bed side. The light mounting brackets are trashed or i would just bondo the problem but i'd rather replace the entire bed side...
  7. partin_us_99

    quick question.

    Might have been asked before but i was curious if the expo 5.0 will bolt to like a 79 5 speed tranny that had the carbed 302? Thnx
  8. partin_us_99

    1994 ford ranger 4x4 front brakes

    So i was driving along and noticed my brakes went straight to the floor. I got it inside the garage and low and behold the rubber line on the pass side split in two! :headbang: NOT! lol So i figured if im replacing one might as well do both right? Well turns out 17 year old parts like to RUST...
  9. partin_us_99

    Easiest rear axle swap with discs

    Hey yall im lookin to swap out my stock 8.8 with drums for another 31 spline axle with discs. I wanted to see if anyone knows the best axle for this that requires the least amount of fab to fit under my stock width ranger. Its a 94 xlt super cab and the drum setup is rusted and f$#ked. Let me...
  10. partin_us_99

    Air lift kits for my 94 xlt 4x4 ext cab?

    Has anyone ever put an air lift suspension kit on a 4x4 ranger? Im thinkin about going air lift so i can keep my stock height but get up into the nose bleed section when i feel like it. If anyone has any clue were to look at these kits and possibly get sum pricing on the kits or has any info on...
  11. partin_us_99

    94 bed and 98 bed whats the difference?

    Well im here seeking advice again. Idk if the bed from a 98 will work on my 94? I think the bolts will line up but i heard that the body lines are different? I'd appreciate any and all info from ppl who've done this before. Thanks
  12. partin_us_99

    94 ranger interior build.

    Hey fellas here is some photos and progress of my interior. Let me know what yall think. Next is everything else on the truck :icon_rofl: http://s990.photobucket.com/albums/af30/partin_us_99/
  13. partin_us_99

    94 4x4 Ranger with some body cancer.

    Hey guys ive been looking for a better solution the buying a complete new bed for my truck. This winter i was trail ridin and rubbed a tree on the pass side rear. Any advice would be great. Also if anyone has a small cowl they're lookin to get rid of hit me up. Thanks.
  14. partin_us_99

    94 Ranger 4x4

    Ok so here's whats up. I have a 94 ranger 4x4 all stock besides wheels and tires and interior. I am doing some work on the whole thing since it's paid off i figured wth why not dump some money into it right??? Well so far the interior looks amazing. BUT the exterior needs help as well as the...
  15. partin_us_99

    Keyless entry and alarm.

    Anyone put this into their 93-97 ford ranger???? Im going through the install process right now and so far it's being a b!tch. lol. I have done alot of wiring before in buses so the schematic part of it isnt bad. Its getting these bear claws into tight little chinese made spaces HA! If anyone...
  16. partin_us_99

    Help me im beggin ya!!!

    Here's the deal. I have a 1994 ford ranger xlt ext cab 4x4 five speed. It has cruise and all the power options. Well one day coming home from work the cruise was cutting in and out. So i shut the cruise off until i got home. Tried using the cruise the next day and it was fine. Then on my way...
  17. partin_us_99

    Cruise not working?

    Hey yall i've got a 94 ranger and the cruise is inop. I've replaced the servo and tested the switches on the steering wheel. Any other info or wiring diagrams or vacuum routing that anyone has would be GREATLY appreciated lol. You can email them to me a tylerpartin@macallister.com or...

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