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  1. Sharky

    Walk of shame

    on some transmissions, if it is pulled/installed onto the block using the bell housing bolts without the torque converter being lined up correctly/exactly, the converter is pushed in to the pump causing it to fail. then nothing will happen in any gear. not saying this was how it was done but...
  2. Sharky


    ship any item by UPS, FEDEX, etc & you will be surprised at the cost.
  3. Sharky

    Car ramps

    Kwik lift.....https://www.kwik-lift.com/
  4. Sharky


    it gets worse.......(RELATED: Biden Admin Handed California The Power To Mandate Els Nationwide)
  5. Sharky

    Turn Signal Sporadically Cuts Out

    loose wire, bad ground, bad signal switch or maybe a bulb ready to die. I dont think the headlight is part of the issue.
  6. Sharky

    What are your thoughts on nylon fuel line

    make sure to use up to date fuel injection fuel hose, it wont rot from the ethanol & other additives in todays fuel.
  7. Sharky

    2022 Carlisle Ford Nationals

    before the covid BS, there were vendors there with just about everything needed to build a car. a lot of spectators were guys building cars & the swap meet area also saw a lot of foot traffic. car owners that entered the show would buy new parts or the latest set up to install on their cars...
  8. Sharky

    2022 Carlisle Ford Nationals

    what did you think about the York show ? I ask because I have been going there every year since 96 & it is disappointing to see what it is now compared to years ago. the last 3 or 4 years a lot of the vendors have not returned.
  9. Sharky


    for those that dont know, permethrin is the best repellant for ticks....this stuff works great: https://www.sawyer.com/products/permethrin-fabric-treatment or you can mix your own with this : https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/control-solutions-permethrin-10-1-pt?cm_vc=-10005
  10. Sharky

    For Sale Derale oil filter relocation kit #15715

    brand new in box, $25 plus shipping. payment via US Postal money order only
  11. Sharky

    Clean STX in PA

    I like it but I am confused. the ad states a 2.9 engine, later lower down in your post it states it has a 331 stroker, so which is it ?
  12. Sharky

    2020 Ranger (outside of gas station) refueling puzzle

    most new vehicles have the anti tamper fuel filler set up, including the Ranger. check the owners manual for the location of the factory funnel to fuel your Ranger (it is under the rear seat area). there are some aftermarket funnels that will work.
  13. Sharky

    2019 and Up Ranger Super Cab Owners: You Folks Received The Recall Notice For Faulty Seat Belts?

    I got them weeks ago & had the recall taken care of on the 1st of December.
  14. Sharky

    Model cars

    search Ebay, you may get lucky
  15. Sharky

    thinking about 351 Cleveland build in a '90

    I cant help any with a Cleveland in Ranger but Clevelands rock !
  16. Sharky

    Shes running lean, P0171 P0174

    try the fuel filter 1st if it hasnt been changed for a while.
  17. Sharky

    Warranty vs self oil changes.

    all materials used (filter & oil) must be the type approved/recommended by FORD. see owners manual. keep all receipts & notes of mileage plus date. the picture idea is also excellent. this came from a man that had a warranty issue with his truck that FORD originally denied. he took this...
  18. Sharky

    Cooling issue

    fan manufacturers recommend puller fans over the pusher type. the pusher fan mounted in front of the radiator also restricts air flow a bit. if possible change it over to puller type on the engine side of the radiator. the shroud you made may also be hindering air flow as the pusher type needs...

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