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  1. engine

    Would you buy a 2003 Level II with 207,000 miles

    Nice looking is important. If it runs good I'd say go for it. You will have to own it a while to find out what it needs. 5K these days is not a lot for a car that looks nice, runs good, and is something you would enjoy to have.
  2. engine

    SOHC Timing Chain Tensioners

    In my BMW, rather than a long chain to run both camshafts, there is a moderately long chain to one camshaft and a shorter chain from that camshaft to the other.
  3. engine

    SOHC Timing Chain Tensioners

    Thank you all. I will only replace the left and right camshaft tensioners. I purchased my ranger three years and 20K miles ago. I do not know the history but it appears to have been well cared for. The fluids are clear. The oil was not dirty. I change every 5K with full synthetic. I think...
  4. engine

    SOHC Timing Chain Tensioners

    I'm going to heed the advice I have seen from several contributors and replace the tensioners on my 140K mile 2002 to reduce the possibility of the "death rattle". There are actually four tensioners for the four chain-driven shafts: one for the right camshaft, one for the left camshaft, and...
  5. engine

    SOLVED - O/D Off Button not working - No O/D Off light on dash when button is pushed.

    This is getting painful to read. My truck runs perfectly but it is not new and not without a few defects. The cruise control does not work and it did not work when I got it. I don't miss it, and I have never made an attempt to fix it or to have it fixed. The button on the steering wheel is...
  6. engine

    99 5r55e to replace 2002 5r55 both 4.0l

    If you are willing to put up with the flashing od off lite as I described, I would say go for it if you can't find a newer one. I am very happy with my choice.
  7. engine

    99 5r55e to replace 2002 5r55 both 4.0l

    I did the same thing. It was supposed to be a drop-in and it was, except the 2002 has an additional sensor and there will be no place to plug it in. I was later told that it has to do with an engineering change to the transmission that is supposed to smooth out the 2-3 shift. Not having the...
  8. engine

    What’s for dinner tonite!

    Baby Backs in the oven and finished on the grill The simplest and best recipe you will ever find. No need to tend a smoker or grill for hours! Boiling dissolves collagen and will make ribs rubbery. So don’t. Par-cook ribs in the oven low and slow. Bake at 250-275 degrees for 2-3 hours. Use...
  9. engine

    MPG gain - AC bypass

    Thanks for the good discussion. It was very educational as I was listening in and helps explain why the HVAC does what it does when it is working as it is supposed to. There is a lot behind that deceptively simple control knob!
  10. engine

    Whos owned a saab made under gm ownership?

    I had a '99 Saab 9-5 wagon with the traditional 4 cylinder ecopower engine. Very sleek and sharp looking with leather and wood trim interior. Maybe the best car I've ever had. Drove it 230,000 miles. Total repairs over that period were brakes, a fuel pump, an ignition module ($200), rear...
  11. engine

    1994 Ranger 4.0 V6 cranks but won't start. Tried all the normal things. Grasping for straws here. One weird clue.

    Since all else seems to have failed, try banging on the fuse box. That wasn't a permanent fix for me but it worked sometimes. I also had flooded engine symptoms sometimes. The big clue was that I couldn't hear the fuel pump immediately after turning the ignition on. I checked the kill...
  12. engine

    Fuel pump short

    I'm not sure this will help, but I had intermittent starting problems for a long time. A fuel pump, a replacement under warranty, and then a fuel pump relay, each time seemed to fix the problem. But then it recurred again, and again. I used up all four of my AAA tows in the process and the...
  13. engine

    When To Shift?

    I concede. Gearing did it. We drop down a gear to get the RPM up.
  14. engine

    When To Shift?

    That's assuming you have the twist to move the load. If you don't, you can't get the RPMs up. So torque wins.
  15. engine

    When To Shift?

    Good. When the power band (torque) is as flat as it is for this engine, there is a lot of room to choose shift points. This is not a peaky engine. You have a good point about towing uphill. The thing that I was mainly noticing was the people who ran the engine up during normal driving to...
  16. engine

    When To Shift?

    I’ve been a straight shifter all my life until I stumbled on this nice 2002 Ranger 4.0 SOHC 4WD with auto. It is straight stock with 30.5 inch tires and 4.10 gearing. It is a sweet running machine. What I am impressed with is how the computer controlled 5R55E transmission selects its shift...
  17. engine

    AC Leak (somewhere)

    My mechanic, once the caps were off, and using a UV light, noticed the Schraeder valve (just like the ones in our tires) in the tube next to the battery was bubbling. For a few cents plus the cost of the refrigerant, all is well again. We had previously put some dyed refrigerant in to help...
  18. engine

    The heavy fiberglass hood on 3rd generation Rangers

    It looks good, it doesn't rust, but it is so darn heavy. I wonder why it was chosen instead of steel?
  19. engine

    Difficulty getting 4hi to disengage

    Thanks much. Your reply is encouraging. Maybe the TC is just stiff from disuse which made it harder for the spring to do its job. There are plenty of bumps around here. I don't know much about the car the TC came from except that it was an Explorer that needed an engine transplant and had a...
  20. engine

    Difficulty getting 4hi to disengage

    Wow. I am impressed and awed with what it takes to be a real expert. 4WD is more complicated than I thought. My previous experience has always been with manual shifters. I will observe more closely but I know now that I will need to seek local help if the problem recurs. This Xfer case does...

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