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  1. gearhead1

    C4 dana 20 tranfer case

    A guy ofered me a c4 and dana 20 out of a 70's bronco. How easy is it to use this for a v8 conversion in a 93 ranger? :icon_confused:Please let me know?:icon_confused:
  2. gearhead1

    Bushwacker cut outs

    Does any body have bushwacker cut outs on a 93-97 ranger I want to cut the back of my bed at a angle like a prerunner, but i also plan on putting on flares, so i was woundering if some body could tell me how much they cut off for the flares and measure the flare at the back so i know where to...
  3. gearhead1

    Chassis Saver Paint!! Use it!!!

    This is just a recommendation. A buddy of mine was doing a F-150 over and he used this paint called chassis saver on the frame. Then I saw it used on the TV show Gearz. So I decided to use it on my frame. It’s great I used a half a gallon and that did my frame, under bed and cab. The best part...
  4. gearhead1

    Headman headers

    I bought headman headers for my 93' 4x4 ranger v8 swap i read that you can run in to problems with home made motor mounts is this true and will they still work? :beer:JEEP ITS A GAY THING:beer:
  5. gearhead1

    Home made Motor Mounts

    I got a 1993 ranger 4x4 and i was wondering if anybody may have a diagram of the motor mounts so i can make my own. In the tech library it says just flat steel but if i can get a diagram i can have the guys at work make some nice ones. Thanks :headbang:JEEP ITS A GAY THING:headbang:
  6. gearhead1

    302 swap

    I'm put a new cam in the 302 and got new pushrods. i got the length of the pushrods that the cam Manufacturer said, but they seem to long. im not sure of the year of the motor, does it matter what year. If so, how can i find out what year the motor is.
  7. gearhead1

    bed bolts

    I got two rangers 1 for fun, and one for beating. and i took the bed bolts out and well lost them i know there is two diffrent sizes but does anybody know the lenghts. i got 1 bolt holding the bed on right now. thanks :icon_cheers:

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