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  1. oddball101

    Is my driveshaft too long? '01 Edge 5.0 m5r2 swap

    Hey all, does anyone have a quick reference way to check if a driveshaft is a hair too long for application? In my case, I have an 01 Edge with a 5.0 / m5r2 swap. What may also factor in is that my leaf spring packs consist of an Explorer main followed by an F150 spring pack with the eyelets...
  2. oddball101

    No 5th Gear / M5R2 5.0 Swap

    Hey guys, I'm reaching out here because I am at a loss. I have an '00 5.0 swap in my 01 Ranger Edge, and for the most part I have completed my M5R2 swap from the 4r70w. When the motor is running I cannot get it into 5th gear. I had issues with the clutch not disengaging on any gears previously...
  3. oddball101

    Uhm.. has anybody tried these gt40p headers from OBX?

    So I am cruising through header options, scouring the net for some old FMS gt40p headers yet again, when this time I found this below. http://www.ebay.com/itm/OBX-Manifold-Exhaust-Header-FOR-97-01-Explorer-Mountaineer-5-0L-V8-GT40P-/181880575806 I am very tempted to jump on this considering...
  4. oddball101

    Troubleshooting help needed, P0117 won't go away.

    My truck is an 01 ranger with an 00 Monty 5.0 swap in it. it has been code free until recently when it started showing a P0117 code (Engine Coolant Temperature sensor, low input), meaning that the the PCM is seeing the motor as having constant temps above 280*. What I've done: 1. Replaced the...
  5. oddball101

    5.0 01 Ranger / No Crank No Start

    Shotgun attempt to get my truck running.. I have an 01 ranger with a 2000 5.0 (explorer) swap. It's gotten colder here and may have caused an issue. Got to a Walmart fine, wouldn't crank when I tried to leave. Only issue I have had in the past electrically was cable corrosion on the terminals...
  6. oddball101

    Cleaning lock tumbler info, can I replace the face plate?

    So, after swapping my '01 5.0 to the '01 ranger I have had to use two keys, one for the ignition and one for the doors. I thought the donor doors were swapped already because they didn't work with the donor ignition key but it turns out I was wrong. They were just seized. In the process of...
  7. oddball101

    AODE/w issues after 01 swap

    Hey guys, I haven't ever posted in the urgent section before but now, well it is urgent.. I have been on barrowed time using someone else's car while I did my swap and now the time to give it back has come. Like most of us here, I bust my butt for a living and this truck is my livelihood. So...
  8. oddball101

    Did I just cut the wrong harness for my swap?

    Hey all, I am in the midst of my own swap. I'm using a complete 2000 monty as a 5.0 donor for my 2001 edge. I've got the 3.0 out and the 5.0 prepped so I am looking pulling the 5.0 tomorrow hopefully if the sun is still out. My question is about the battery side harness. If I am understanding...
  9. oddball101

    Did I just cut the wrong harness for my swap?

    This is a double post. Dunno why it happened
  10. oddball101

    front diff torque arm mount fabrication

    It's a '00 AWD 5.0 going into a '01 2wd ext cab edge. The edge doesn't have the front differential rear mount (torque arm mount) and I need to get it welded on. Can I just bolt up the front diff with the two existing mounts, drive it to the shop to weld on the third mount (without the front...
  11. oddball101

    8.8 axle swap with all 5 shocks?

    So I have a donor 8.8 and everything I need to make it work, my question is if anybody has also swapped all 5 shocks over as well..? I will be more lowered in a street truck type setup and thinking that the added shocks may be beneficial to some degree. Any thoughts?
  12. oddball101

    Gotta work out the bugs, input?

    Alrighty, I have recently picked up a '00 5.0 Mounty AWD donor with 167k on her to swap under my '01 3.0 Ranger ext-cab with torsion bars. I got it for the powertrain hoping I could salvage any nifty interior pieces if they were in decent condition.. not so much. most of the interior is...
  13. oddball101

    gt40p header question

    I realize our options with the gt40p headers are rather limited, however I've just developed a new contact that wants to help me build a custom set of headers for material cost only. Its amazing what a few beers with ranndom people can do. So anyhow, getting complete access to his fab shop, I...
  14. oddball101

    Too impulsive buying my donor.. drivetrain Q's

    I was impatient, didn't think to verify if this '00 "2wd" 5.0 Mountaineer was infact 2wd or AWD. Now I am paying the price, it is AWD. I wanted 2wd to keep it simple at first since that is how my '01 2wd 3.0 xcab Edge Ranger is set up, but now I have to rearrange my swap plan entirely based...
  15. oddball101

    Tranny guru's: dtec 2.3 m5od to 4wd?

    Hey guys, been a minute. With the older m5od's for the lima 2.3, I know you were able to swap out the main shaft and tail housing from a 4wd setup. I read a thread where someone was inquiring about the same type of scenario, but with a 2.3 duratec m5od. Another poster responded by saying: "...
  16. oddball101

    Request for the admins

    Hey there all, I have been a relatively silent lurker on these boards for a while and have a request for the all mighty admins. My handle is Travelor101, I'd like to change that to "oddball101" to maintain consistency with all of my log-ins. I participate in many different sites and it is...
  17. oddball101

    3.0 Engine pull w/TC & backyard rebuild [pics]

    Okay, so you are witnessing my picture post virginity melt away right in front of your eyes lol. I'm not sure if the forum rules have limitations on how many pics can be posted so just let me know and I will trim it down. Also if sizing is an issue (which I do not know yet), please let me know...
  18. oddball101

    Stock 98 front suspension lift swap question

    I have a friend with a 2wd 98 single cab short-bed asking me how to get 2 inches of lift in the front. After researching I have learned that it is more complicated than on my 96. That being said I ave him stock lift blocks from the rear-end of a 99 4x4 and I was wondering if I could just use the...
  19. oddball101

    8.8 leaf spring and driver side sag on 96 ranger

    I have an 8.8 swap using the same stock SUA configuration as the explorer and the sky jacker drop hangers to level out the lift to avoid raking. I yanked the leaf springs from the explorer but didn't anticipate the driver side sag and since have been to the junk yard 3 times trying to get the...

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