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  1. mossyoak03

    my new toy

    i got me a remington 870 12 ga. pump for cheap. has rust on the barrel but im gonna try and clean that up.
  2. mossyoak03

    bumper is on

    painted it in bedliner and decided to give it a shot at puttin it on. it was a PITA i promise i think my bed is off center too so im going to check that tomorrow. still have to put my license plate and lights back on it. halfway done and hitch back one probably be modding that soon.
  3. mossyoak03

    little dirty

    went to Mississippi to visit with the family and got some free time to ride down the dirt roads. oh and a teaser of whats next
  4. mossyoak03

    bedliner installed

    got the duplicolor DIY bedliner. wasn't hard just long. i think im going to take it further down the bed rails. first coat done second coat
  5. mossyoak03

    hose question.

    what is this hose called? it runs right by the belt tensioner and i need to replace mine. thanks
  6. mossyoak03

    differential question

    im about to change my front and rear differential fluid bc im coming up on 100,000 miles. what do you guys use to clean it out before puttin new fluid in? and also is there a gasket i need or does rtv do the job? thanks
  7. mossyoak03

    Ohc Installed!

    one of my exhaust hangers broke so i chopped it off! i like the look alot better. then i did it. cut my headliner to install me OHC. i sit there for about an hour looking at it. then i got over it and im very pleased with how it turned out. and then i washed it.
  8. mossyoak03

    hurst installed!

    got the hurst installed today tomorrow going to attempt the OHC. also painted my cup holders. not sure if i like them yet. before: After:
  9. mossyoak03

    new camera

    got my new camera a nikon cool pix. so two shots of my truck washed and clay barred the girlfriends car two days ago. then this is a before pic an after one after tomorrow. and teasers of whats to come.
  10. mossyoak03

    yes or no?

  11. mossyoak03


    got the truck back today and decided to wash her. then learned about snow tonight so i have to get it dirty tomorrow. but heres the pics.
  12. mossyoak03

    rear bumpers

    post up your rear bumpers to give me an idea this is something like i want to do
  13. mossyoak03

    wheel bearing question

    my abs brake light came on so i checked my brakes and everything is good rotor and pad, etc.. nothing is on the sensor or rubbing anything. well when i went to put my tire back on my passenger side ive noticed that when i pushed my tire at the top and bottom it moved an awful lot. and when i did...
  14. mossyoak03


    got my new bumper and painted the valance and my bull bar now all i need is the hood and fender painted
  15. mossyoak03

    much needed cleaning

    been sittin a while collecting leaves and dust so i cleaned her up
  16. mossyoak03


    almost done with my 06 swap need a bumper that i think i found that im in love with

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