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  1. warhawk

    96 Ranger 2.3L No heat

    The truck has a new thermostat, antifreeze, heater control valve. If I use the heat control knob I get no heat. but both hoses are very hot as they should be going to the heater core. and the heater control valve is working. So I am wandering what does that heater control knob operate. Thanks,
  2. warhawk

    Sport Trac Ranger mix

    Has anyone heard of or seen a Sport Trac with a Ranger front end? I have a 02 Sport Trac and I'm thinking about putting an equivalent or newer Ranger front end on it. I know Rangers can be swapped around. I'm just courious if this is even possible.
  3. warhawk

    My delema.

    So I have a dilema, I recently broke up with my fieance and I got my Sport Trac that I bought for her to drive. Well now I have a Ranger and a Sport Trac, not a bad problem to have except I still owe on the Sport Trac loan. I owe more than the Sport Track is worth, but the Ranger is payed...
  4. warhawk

    4.0L SOHC rough idle

    I have a 2002 SportTrac 4.0L SOHC. It has a lean bank 1 and 2 codes, and idles really rough. I checked the fuel pressure which is fine and and I peformed a tune up, except the fuel filter (don't have the special tool for it). The problem still exists, I've ran injector cleaner through the...
  5. warhawk

    Door lock actuator help.

    I'm changing out my passenger door lock actuator, I was wondering if anyone had and trips or tricks on how to do it. I have directions from my truck CD but I didn't know if anyone knew a better way. I have a 2000 Ranger XLT with the power package. Thanks guys.
  6. warhawk

    Strange noise from my drive train?

    First off I have a 2000 XLT with a 4.0L 5R55E tranny, auto transfercase, and the stock 8.8 rear end the rangers have with 4.10 gears. My drive train has started making a strange clunking noise, I'm not sure where from exactly. It happens when I put the truck in gear, when I accelerate hard, or...

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