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  1. CanuckRanger

    Should I Keep My Ranger?

    I've had my 2011 Sport for about 3 months now, bought it brand new. While yes, I do like my truck, and has yet to give me any problems, the gas mileage is less than stellar, and I travel roughly 60-70 kms everyday, so its costing me roughly 90 bucks a week in gas. I like having a 4x4 truck, but...
  2. CanuckRanger

    Removing Fender Flares

    I am looking at Removing the fender flares on my 2011 Sport, to give it a cleaner look. Has anyone else done this, and are there any things I should watch for, and finally, did they drill holes in the fenders for these flares? I know on my 2000 Eddie Bauer Ex the fenders were drilled.
  3. CanuckRanger

    Kelly Safari TSR?

    Im looking at buying some Kelly Safari TSR tires for my Ranger, and I am just wondering if anyone has them on their truck. How do they wear? Mileage? Noise? etc.
  4. CanuckRanger

    Took the Ranger For a Dirt Road Run

    Decided to take the Ranger out for a little photo shoot/picture whoring.
  5. CanuckRanger

    Stock wheel question

    I wasn't exactly sure where to post this question, but on my 2011 sport, I really like the stock wheels on it, but I want an offset. Is there anyway I can do this, and if so, How would it look? I want to do a torsion bar crank and put 31's on it too.
  6. CanuckRanger

    Offset stock wheels?

    I have a 2011 Sport 4x4, and I really like the stock wheels I have on it, but I want to crank the torsion bars and but some 31's on it. However, I dont think it would look good without a wheel offset. (forgive me for being a total noob, ive been a focus driver until 2 weeks ago. lol)
  7. CanuckRanger

    Clean slate

    Just bought a 2011 Ranger Sport 4x4. Time to start making er my own. This is how she sits, minus the tonneau cover and browning buckmark on the back window. Just looking for suggestions and ideas. Thanks!:icon_thumby:
  8. CanuckRanger

    New Guy from Canada

    Been hanging around here for a bit, but never posted anything, anyway, I finally succumbed to all the nice new Rangers at the Ford dealer I work at and came home with this. :3gears:
  9. CanuckRanger

    Bed mat or Bed liner? Help!

    I recently bought a new 2011 Ranger sport 4x4 (pics soon to come) and it didnt come with a box liner or anything. Now obviously I want something to protect the bed, and ideally I would put in a spray in liner, that is sort of costly on a just starting Ford parts man salary. I am looking at...

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