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  1. nine-teen91stxranger

    98 steering pump with 90 steering box.

    use A hose from a 92 ranger. you'll have to bend the line to fit but it will have the correct fittings on both ends. sae fitting on the box side and a metric fitting on the pump side.
  2. nine-teen91stxranger

    getting ticked...

    so my ranger is getting sh*t for gas milage. last fill up i got 9.8mpg (152 miles on 15.5 gals...) and so far ive cleaned the maf, oil change, plugs and wires, and air filter. tires are goodyear duratracs 31x10.50x15. probably needs an alingment and idk what else to check. this is rediculous...
  3. nine-teen91stxranger

    what should my 4.0 idle at??

    i have a 91' 4.0l in my ranger, 5spd 144k miles and i was wondering what should my idle speed be at? now is sits at about 950-1000 at idle. that just seems way too high. and how would i go about turing it down?
  4. nine-teen91stxranger

    well... lets just say im ticked...

    well... today i got my truck back from the shop and they put in a new clutch kit and slave. the clutch chatters first taking off and at a stop it grinds going into gear. the clutch peddle pushes in really easily also. im just more or less venting here but iinfo would be appreciated about if...
  5. nine-teen91stxranger

    freakin bada**!!!

    http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/dak/cto/3029407144.html yeah buddy! - not mine!
  6. nine-teen91stxranger

    how hard is it to change a t-case?

    from 1 being changing a tire, to 10 being rebuilding the whole suspension, im planning to do this on friday, any advice is gladly welcome and will be used.
  7. nine-teen91stxranger

    i think my tcase hit the bricks on me

    i was driving on dry tar for about 4-5 miles between the feild and home, figured it was no big deal and i was in 4hi and hubs locked in. went to down shift from 4th to 3rd and it did but the t-case popped into neutral. its a bw1354E w/o a shift motor... but i got it to go into 4hi but the front...
  8. nine-teen91stxranger

    a few new pics

    me next to my uncles John Deere 4630. on the road back into the swamp (stopped there because my t-case is out and it gets really sticky) and just chillin in the back 40. its so nice and quiet back there.
  9. nine-teen91stxranger

    first snow ranger pics

    these are just a few pics i snapped on the way home with my cell phone. i think they look pretty good. feed back please! and this ones my favorite one
  10. nine-teen91stxranger


    i got two JL audio w3v3-4 12"s on thursday and i must say, for only being on about 550rms they pound. my box is a homemade p.o.s 1.9cu ft tuned to 33hz. im getting windsheild flex, grill rattle, and my door handles are going nuts haha. btw, my amp is a rf punch 500.2
  11. nine-teen91stxranger

    im thinking about smoking my blinkers and taillights.

    hey, has anybody smoked out there amber blinkers and the lights along side the headlights, and taillights on a 2gen ranger? im thinking about doing that because im going for the dark-green and black look. nooo shiny stuff besides the paint. the top lights are now black also with covers...
  12. nine-teen91stxranger

    1991 4.0l sweet spot?

    im going to be hopefully starting a job here in the next few weeks which requires me to drive about 110 miles round trip.... and i was wondering whats the 4.0L ohv "sweetspot" for the rpms? should i be running around 2800 rpms or where? im hoping i can get some help here asap. because this 14...
  13. nine-teen91stxranger

    for only $525 more..

    ... you can get this gem http://stcloud.craigslist.org/cto/2608463630.html
  14. nine-teen91stxranger

    ahahaha.... silver bullet?

    http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/hnp/cto/2562907273.html im impressed if it looks as nice in person
  15. nine-teen91stxranger

    rear view fell off today

    today i was driving to work and looked at my rearview mirror just to do mirror checks while i was rocking out to metallica and it fell off right when i looked at it. i put my hand where my mirror should be and im getting like 1/8- 1/4" of flex :icon_surprised: just with my 2 clarion 12s in a...
  16. nine-teen91stxranger

    this guy on here?

    i recently seen a early 2000's Fx4 level 2 at a gas station the other day and i swear ive seen the truck on here before, it had dark grey metal alcoas with a chrome rim and i got a crappy pic.
  17. nine-teen91stxranger

    help needed please

    hey guys, i have a 91 ranger with 4.0l, and im doing the big 3, and i cant seem to find the wire from the alt. to the battery, all i can see is that there are 2 plugs and no seperate power wire, please help.
  18. nine-teen91stxranger

    my 78' resto... kinda

    well... i lucked out and got a 1978, really early 78 f250 for my graduation preset, ill just put a link http://www.therangerstation.com/forums/showthread.php?t=110286 to the rest of the story, as the days go on, ill add more pictures
  19. nine-teen91stxranger

    my graduation present

    well... i here i was, just hanging out having a good time at my grad party today then we got to the cards and such, finished that, 800+ bucks sweet... well, i get done with that start talking to my friends then one of my uncles walks over and says you aint done opening your gifts yet. i was like...
  20. nine-teen91stxranger

    WOT relay question

    i need to get a wot relay for my 91 ranger and at the stealership they want $35...:icon_surprised: is there anywhere else i can get it? cause i think 35 bucks is kinda hefty for a little relay. thanks

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