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  1. -Nathan-

    D44 TTB Ranger swap: narrow the mounts or lengthen the arms?

    I have a set of CopyKats brackets, and they are EXTREMELY beefy. Made of all 1/4" steel. Keep in mind I have D44 arms with D50 C''s, knuckles, and outers, so mine is wider than a D44 would be.
  2. -Nathan-

    so how'd they get up there? :D

    So our 4wd club always puts in a display at the annual car show in the city. This year those of us that showed up decided it would be a good idea to make a real display. So we got ahold of a wrecked Grand Marquis and parked on it. Figured Id post a few pics for you fellas to see. Oh, and the...
  3. -Nathan-

    putting together Dweano's front end (D35)

    Well, long story short, I had regeared Dweanos truck, well the rear axle at least, to 4.56. I hadnt had time until now, so I have his truck in my shop. Its easier if I just post up pics here, than try and email them all individually lol. So took the wheels off, took the hubs off, took the...
  4. -Nathan-

    May Long wheeling pics

    This little Ranger FAR surpassed my expectations. This thing is a blast. It went everywhere I asked it to, pointed in a direction and went there. I did not get stuck, not even once, but helped extract many. Considering I have a total of 1200$ in total into this project, I couldnt ask for...
  5. -Nathan-

    F250 got vandalized, and headed out for May long...pics

    Hey boys, well I wont go into details because the case is still open, but my powerstroke was vandalized and had a hole drilled in the fuel tank. Its in the process of getting fixed via insurance. Still going out tomorrow to do some wheeling, borrowed a buddies OBS powerstroke. Figured Id post...
  6. -Nathan-

    NEW shoes!

    Ready to go wheeling... Tires look wore in the front, but are at about 80% tread, they are just filled with gunk.
  7. -Nathan-

    made a spindle removal tool.

    Build of it is in rangebe v2.0 build thread: http://therangerstation.com/forums/showthread.php?p=987496#post987496 In case some of you ever have trouble getting a spindle off, whip one of these up. Took 10-15 minutes, and will save a world of trouble.
  8. -Nathan-

    Rangebe...version 2.0

    Well, as most of you know, I couldnt kick the habit, and got ahold of another Ranger. This will be a dedicated trail rig, with stage 1 being a low-buck build, just to have fun with, and stage 2 will involve a SBF, 1 tons, and 38's. Well for now here is the truck, 1993 Ford Ranger XL 4x4 2.3...
  9. -Nathan-

    New RANGEBE!!!!!!!

    Couldnt do it......couldnt stay away from a Ranger. Going to pick up this little gem tomorrow.... 1993 Ford Ranger - Reg cab, short box - 4x4 - 2.3 L - 5 speed Plan is a dedicated trail rig. It will get a junkyard lift, welded diffs, and mud terrains to start. When I have time/money...
  10. -Nathan-

    beginning of the end.

  11. -Nathan-

    project: "Ultimate Tow Rig"

    Well guys, as most of you know my Ranger bit the dust and is being parted out. I wont have time to build another Ranger the way I want for a couple more years, so I did the responsible thing and bought a tow rig/daily driver. 2001 Ford F-250 Super Duty 4X4, 7.3 Powerstroke Diesel, ZF-6speed...
  12. -Nathan-

    photoshop please

    hey guys, truck is too pretty...going to make it more functional over the summer. can someone paint the flares and below the body line black for me? as well as black out the wheels all together? thanks, Nate
  13. -Nathan-

    and people think TTB is weird...

    http://pirate4x4.com/forum/showthread.php?t=940489 yep....have a read....3 diffs...4 wheel drive....in a van...
  14. -Nathan-

    Got a NEW truck...

    2001 Ford F-250, 7.3 powerstroke, 6 speed manual, 187 000 km, 4" exhaust, AEF intake, and tuner, 6" procomp lift, 35" BFG M/T. This thing is scary to drive, its got too much power. Should make for a good tow rig.
  15. -Nathan-

    parting out my truck..

    Hey guys, figured Id throw something up here. Ill be getting the truck back soon, and am putting everything minus the winch and lights for sale. I am only selling the axles complete from one side to the other, I will not part them out. I have some spare axleshafts and lockouts and random...
  16. -Nathan-

    crashed in my Ranger. $hit.

    got hit. snow tires may have helped, I dunno. I think its toast, well see, i didnt get to look at it alot. Im okay, but my buddies head went through the windsheild. the vw passat that hit me is DONE. Ill try and get a pic later.
  17. -Nathan-

    Whitetail Deer + Truck Picture...

    Enjoy :D conditions werent the greatest, but there were a TON of deer Im a decent shot....got him in the spine from 120 yards, dropped him. Oohhhh...and there was not one, but TWO 3/4 ton diesel Chev trucks STUCK, and of course the Rangebe came to the rescue. I pulled one out with a...
  18. -Nathan-

    Very cool...BII with TRACKS for snow...

    Was reading over on pirate4x4 and found this gem: Yep it still has the TTB! you can read a little more here: http://pirate4x4.com/forum/showthread.php?t=854333&page=7
  19. -Nathan-

    Reverse 8.8 Gears

    ran and installed multiple sets of Yukon gears, never been dissapointed. In all reality though, install is a big factor. From what Im hearing, most other gearsets (e.g. Motive) are pretty decent.
  20. -Nathan-

    How to swap an M5OD-R1HD for an M5OD-R1

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Original Poster: -Nathan- Difficulty: 8 out of 10 (depending on skill level) Time to install: hours-days (depending on skill level) Disclaimer: The Ranger Station.com, The Ranger Station.com Staff, nor the original...

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