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  1. 88gt

    heep liberty question...struts?

    i never had to replace struts on any vehicle before, hopefully ya'll can answer a question for me. When replacing a strut on said liberty, do i need to get just the shock absorber part, the full shock and coil assembly, or the full assembly including the bearing plate, insulator and boot? thanks...
  2. 88gt

    newest RBV fan

    My first born. Russell Ford Kaiser. 6-2-2010. The newest supporter of the ranger based vehicle. sorry if the pic isnt high resolution took it with the laptops built in camera.
  3. 88gt

    someone help the webtarded person

    i thought i was literate in interweb...i guess not, i cannot get to the spot on powerblock to watch last weekends trucks episode...can someone provide me with a link please?:icon_confused:
  4. 88gt

    tankless water heater

    does anyone here use a tankless water heater? i am building a house this year and would like opinions on them other than internet surveys...
  5. 88gt

    snow in central va!

    we have atleast 14 inches and it is still comng down! thank God it is the weekend and i dont have to be at work!
  6. 88gt

    block heater

    does a block heater come factory on a 99 ranger. i just found my plug hidden up behind the bumper after observing damage from hitting a small deer. i have a 3.0flex fuel motor...can anyone shed some light on this?
  7. 88gt

    wish i had a picture of that

    Driving down the road, i see a VDOT truck(virginia department of transportation)...nothing out of the ordinary notice that said VDOT truck is a GMC...go figure, what else is new... Also noticing that the GMC badge in the grill was removed and replaced by a nice large FORD oval..Just made my...
  8. 88gt

    drop beams

    is there a drop i beam to lower only 2" instead of 3 or 4? i live in va and have sone steep drives to get in and out of. dont want to rub the bottom side of the truck off.
  9. 88gt

    2.3 rods

    are the rods found in the 2.3 forged or cast. if they can handle 300-400hp, i would think they are forged. any opinions or facts?
  10. 88gt

    dis to dizzy swap

    is it possible to take a dis ignition block and convert it to a distibutor to run a turbo ecu?
  11. 88gt

    What to keep...

    I am swapping out my 2.9 for the 2.3 turbo. What all do i need to keep from the 2.9 to complete the swap? im thinking the drive line from the trans back and fuel system minus the fuel rail. Am i correct in thinking that everything else will be replaced?
  12. 88gt

    turbo sensors

    ok, i am starting to collect the parts i need for a turbo swap in my 88. So far i have the turbo computer, its a pc 1 ou tof a 85 mustang svo. got it on ebay. for the sensors i need, the vane air meter, barometric pressure sensor, boost control solenoid, intake air temp sensor. is it specific...
  13. 88gt

    tire pressure

    what pressure are you running in your tires? I would like to know what size tire and wheel and the pressure ffor fron and back. I have 31x10.5-15 on 15x8 wheels. not sure what the right pressure is for them. Can ya'll help me out here? thanks
  14. 88gt

    2.3 turbo

    has anyone on this forum fiddled with putting a 16v dohc volvo head on their 2.3? seen it done, just wondering if anyone here has expeirence with this head swap.
  15. 88gt

    summit racing brakes

    has anyone ever used a set of summit racing cross drilled and sloted brakes on your truck, they are a lot cheaper than other companys brake and i was wondering if they are worth my time and money... http://www.summitracing.com/parts/SUM-DSEP-54035L/...
  16. 88gt

    central va wheeling pics

    found this wheeling club in my area, has some nice rigs, check out the pics http://cv4wa.goexplore.us/images/view_pics.php?referer=Pictures
  17. 88gt

    t case question

    im replacing my pulse hubs with avm manuals. when i flip the switch intpo 4 wheel hi or low...will is still go without the vacuum hub assembly attached? this is on a 99 ranger.3.0 auto
  18. 88gt

    another glorious day

    so central virginia finally got snow. we have about 1.5 inches of snow right now and have the possibility of getting 14 total. so on the way home from the inlaws. the 4wheel on the truck goes funky and quits(vacuum hubs) and the wife was following me in the jeep liberty. the jeep got loose and...
  19. 88gt


    will a 4.0 radiator fit a 3.0 equipped truck? im replacing the rad cuz its shot and wanted to know if it is a swapable item. and if it is, are the transcooler lines and hose locations in the same spots. its a automatic truck.
  20. 88gt

    lynchburg va

    anyone else in the lynchburg va area? i feel like the lone ranger down here

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