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  1. YungICY

    99 2.5 stand alone wiring harness questions.

    Hey guys and gals, I just picked up a 99 ranger with the 2.5l and m5r1 trans and I’m pulling the motor and trans to put in my 87 project truck. I want to keep all of the factory fuel injection/ignition etc but I need some help with figuring out what parts of the cab/chassis wiring I need. As...
  2. YungICY

    Which engine do I want?

    Hey guys, so in the next couple of months I’m gonna be in the market for a mid 90’s ish f150 but I’m not the most proficient on them. I’m gonna be looking for one to use as a daily and a tow pig. It won’t get a lot of miles annually, probably around the 8-10k mark. When I tow with it I plan on...
  3. YungICY

    2.3 pcv

    I have an 85 2.3 that I rebuilt and converted to a Holley carb and among a bunch of the cork gaskets leaking I also have a vent tube coming off the oil fill cap that doesn’t have anywhere to route to do it just vents to atmosphere and adds to the leaking oil under the hood. I have a pcv hose...
  4. YungICY

    2.3 SOHC alternator woes, need input please

    So I have been having the worst time when it comes to the alternator on my 85 2.3. In the 5 years that I've owned my truck (2 of which it was under construction and pushed off to the side) I have been through like 6 or 7 alternators that have all failed in 1 way only. The style of mount I...
  5. YungICY

    Need wiring verification please

    My friend is going to wire in some led pod lights on his truck and doesn't know how to do the wiring so I drew up a diagram that I think is correct but I'm not an electrical guy myself so I just want to verify. What he wants to do is replace the reverse lights with with led pods so that they...
  6. YungICY

    Cam change & valve springs

    Hey guys and gals. I'm thinking about changing the cam in my 2.3 because I went with a comp cams magnum 280h and it isn't a good fit for a daily driver vehicle (doesn't much like anything under 3k rpms). I think I'm going to change it out for the comp cams high energy 260h which is more of a...
  7. YungICY

    Prerunner tierod and steering wheel question.

    Hey guys. I just re did all the tierods on my 85 prerunner with a manual steering box and because of the way I made my tierod adjusters and difference in length of the new tierods I cannot line up the steering wheel to be centered. Is it possible to pull the steering shaft off the gearbox input...
  8. YungICY

    Rewired whole truck, need help with signals/brake lights

    A while back I gutted my entire truck and was going to dedicate it to a off road only vehicle. Well now I have decided to make it streetable again and I am just finishing up wiring up all the exterior lights headlights, turn signals etc. I'm all done except for the brake lights. I can't figure...
  9. YungICY

    Auxilary shaft replacement

    So I have a chewed up aux shaft gear and dizzy gear on my truck and I really don't want to spend the money on a billet esslinger replacement shaft. Last time I was out at the junkyard they had several 2.3's laying around. Are all aux shafts the same throughout the years/models? Can I just grab...
  10. YungICY

    Need solid info for beam conversion

    Hey guys, I'm looking for some solid info for a beam conversion on my expo. Basically I'm heavily tossing around the idea of getting rid of my ranger prerunner and building my expo. But before I commit to anything I need some solid info regarding beam and crossmember differences between a 2wd...
  11. YungICY

    Distributor swap questions

    Hey guys, I've got an 85 ranger with the 2.3 that is my prerunner project truck. In trying to get the truck somewhat daily drivable so I need to "update" the ignition system. Current setup is 2.3 with a holley 2 barrel and the tfi dizzy locked out at about 34 degrees with no advance whatsoever...
  12. YungICY

    New timing cover?

    Anyone know where I can find a new timing cover for my 2.3? I just need it for the timing marks at the crank pulley. I would like to try to locate a nice new one before I go pull one from the salvage yard if possible. Thank you. Sent from my LGMS345 using Tapatalk
  13. YungICY

    85 running Hot or Cold?

    Hey guys I have a bit of a brain teaser that I need some input on. I can't tell if my engine is running hot or cold. First things first I'll give you a breakdown of the truck. It's a mildly built 2.3. Shaved head, big cam, holley 350 cfm carb, esslinger underdrive power pulley and water pump...
  14. YungICY

    First gen expo steering slop

    Hey guys, I'm looking for info some info on how to reduce or eliminate steering slop on my 91 Expo with p/s. I've gone through and eliminated all of the easier suspects like tie rod joints and pitman arm. The issue seems to be coming from the gearbox itself. Is there a way to reduce the slop in...
  15. YungICY

    Rubbing belt. Need suggestions.

    Hey guys. I'm gonna jump right to it. My alternator belt is rubbing against my water pump pulley and I need some suggestions. My setup is an 85 2.3, esslinger underdrive pulleys for the water pump and crank with an 84 (i think) mustang alt in stock ranger location. Thanks for any input. Sent...
  16. YungICY

    Exhaust manifold removal pro tips?

    Hey guys, I'm doing some exhaust repairs on my 91 Expo which involve removing the y pipe. Things were going way too smoothly for my liking so I went ahead and snapped off one bolt in each of the manifolds. Angelo, does anyone have any pro tips for removing the manifolds? The driver side doesn't...
  17. YungICY

    Coil overs?

    If you're already lowered about as far as you want to go then yeah coilovers would probably be a good option. Sent from my LGMS345 using Tapatalk
  18. YungICY

    Coil overs?

    You could, but wouldn't be lowering much and the ride would be absolutely terrible. Sent from my LGMS345 using Tapatalk
  19. YungICY

    First gen expo battery light

    Battery light on the dash is on, needle gauge indicates system is charging, volt meter on battery shows 12.5 volts not running and 14.3 while running, fuse in the power distro box is intact. Anyone have any ideas as to why that light would come on? This is on a 91 Expo. Sent from my LGMS345...
  20. YungICY

    Building a dolly, odd question

    Hey guys, I'm looking to build a dolly to tow around my prerunner and I have an odd question. My father in law has a dolly/trailer for his buggy that someone built for him and the axle on it is actually just a couple of kingpin beams welded in place and to a tube in between them. Now I...

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