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  1. need help. 1 solenoid trans to 2

    since solenoids come from the valve body then to the switch and then to the harness on the truck.... can you take a 1 solenoid trans, replace the valve body to a 2 solenoid and replace the switch from a 2 pin to a 3 pin and it just work? if not, what do i have to do to make this work. Also how...
  2. 44RE in place of A4LD

    so here in little ol east texas i can not find an A4LD. So what has to be done to use a 4R44E out of a 95 explorer 4.0?
  3. what trans is this

    What trans is this. i tried to look it up and didnt get anything definitive AP95GT 7A040 BAR V11/2 A
  4. 89 ranger A4LD question

    I'm sure yall are tired of this question, but i have only owned mustangs and 1 96 ranger with a 5 speed with 360 miles on it. NOW i have a 89 ranger 2.9 with and A4LD for my kid to use as a work truck. it needs a trans and i just wanna know what years will work with this? will a 4.0 a4ld work?

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