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  1. 1996 3.0L Slave Cylinder and Clutch Master Cylinder

    Hey everyone, So I have been having issues finding quality slave cylinders and clutch master cylinders for my 1996 RWD 3.0L Ranger. About 5 years ago we had the clutch and pressure plate replaced, and about 2 years later had the slave cylinder go out on us. When we went to replace it, we found...
  2. Switching 96 radio for a 98+

    Hi everyone, I've been doing tons of research lately on finding the best way to switch out my 1996 original Ranger cassette radio for one with both cassette and CD capabilities. I want to try and keep with the same style and lighting scheme, so I'm looking at a 1998 to 2003 (it looks like...
  3. Converting my Manual Mazda M50D-R1 to an Automatic Transmission

    Hi, I've got a 1996 2WD 3.0L Ford Ranger with a Mazda M50D-R1 Transmission in it. The transmission itself is in great shape, but as of late I've been having problem after problem with my clutch assembly. First the slave cylinder went, then a week after having it fixed the clutch master cylinder...

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