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  1. 94 djm kit #

    That should buff out.
  2. 94 djm kit #

    Try the DJM website.
  3. Mustang GT "Bullit" Style Wheel Fitment

    I see a fair number of rangers with the mustang "bullit" style wheel. The 5 spoke anthracite that seems to be common to find. Here's my question. I went to look at a set today... they are from a 2005 'stang... and they are 17x8. The backspacing on them is 6.25", which seems pretty non...
  4. Are drop shocks needed...?

    I gotta get my ibeams finished up to see what the 3/4 drop looks like with some 17'" wheels with 45's. The issue I see is that the drop beams locate the spindles higher and the tires are gonna rub before the bumpstop does it's job. So.. I'll have to see what travel I have left before going a...
  5. Djm I beam issue

    On mine the dust boot doesn't fit flush to the bottom of the beam, there is a small portion of the balljoint showing. As long as the entire assembly is tight, and it's the same on both sides, it's a non issue in my opinion.
  6. Djm I beam issue

    Send them back and make your own what? I beams? Sure, good luck with that. You have the same beams I just purchased. Just got them the other day. They are DB3001-3.. and your should be the same. On mine, the beams are machined so that the bottom hole is tapered where the lower balljoint...
  7. Djm I beam issue

    So what is the update on this? My beams arrived and I am partially taken apart and hope to start reinstallation on Friday, and it appears to me that the beams have been tapered correctly.
  8. Rubber between truck bed and frame rails

    Hi, I removed my box and refinished part of my frame...and there was some mangled up rubber bits that fit between the bed and frame when I yanked it off and cleaned it all up. They were a mess and I scraped them off and painted all that section of the bed. It's almost like a single sided...
  9. 1994 Ranger Build

    I'm new to the Ranger Station, but not new to Mini Trucks. I'm (insert aww shucks) all growed up now. 40. I had mini trucks when I first got on the road. S10's, Nissans, Mazda's. Fast forward 20 years, 2 teenagers. I have this 1994 Ranger 2wd that I have been using for puttering around...

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