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  1. multiranger

    Help with Service code 125 TPS sensor low voltage 1992 4.0 MT

    Hey Fellows. Having major issues.. a few months ago the truck died.. replaced the ECU. truck ran great then she left me on side of the road... Got her running again somehow. now the CEL comes on and goes off and comes on... I have a Snap on scanner.. According to it the voltage on the TPS is...
  2. multiranger

    My Weekend toy!

    2nd car show entered but first win! [/IMG]
  3. multiranger

    Day trip

    Day trip to Amacolola Falls in North Ga with a quick stop by Thunder Road.
  4. multiranger

    Useful 4.0 info

    Not sure if anyone knows this guy has seen his writeup but it seems like great info... http://www.therangerstation.com/forums/archive/index.php/t-25632.html
  5. multiranger

    Your Home town

    What is there to do in your home town that would make it roadtrip worthy? My home town is Stone Mountain Ga. It's the largest exposed solid granite rock in the world... We have an old town to explore, fishing, hiking, lots of girls running, jogging, or cycling to check out for the single guys...
  6. multiranger

    Road Trip #3 in the Shelby

    To keep the theme going Planes Trains and now Automobiles. My girlfriend with Mrs. Sosebee Wife of the late Nascar driver Gober Sosebee. 39 Ford. This pic needs no words self explainatory. Mr. Bill Elliott's Trophy Room. This made me puke in my mouth a bit but just cause I didn'nt like...
  7. multiranger

    SHO Powered Ranger.

    Has anyone (other than Ford) successfully installed a Yamaha 6cyl from a SHO in a Ranger? All I have seen is people talk about doing it... Seems like all it is, is talk.. I think there was someone on TRS "talking" about doing it a year or so ago... I think the home built SHO Ranger is as rare as...
  8. multiranger

    2nd Road trip in the Shelby

    The first trip turned out to involve trains so not thinking about it until after the second trip was planned it came to me that we were on sort of a pattern. We went to Robbins AFB museum!
  9. multiranger

    First Road Trip in the "Shelby"

    Here is a some pics from the first road trip in my Ranger since it has been tagged and insured. :icon_rofl:
  10. multiranger

    Running Rich Could use some help

    I have a 92 4.0 that has code 173. I have checked all the injectors, the return fuel line replaced the FPR (Which did make the code go away for an hour or so) here is a screen shot of my Snap On Scanner data IAC (%) 41.0 TP MODE C/T TPS (V) 0.86...
  11. multiranger

    I'll let the photo speak for it's self....

    [/IMG] Nuff said.
  12. multiranger

    Steering stops on Dream Beams

    I just talked to one of the Techs out at DJM.. I asked about welding steering stops on the Dream Beams.. He said it was ok as long as they were clean..
  13. multiranger

    Need Some help with ABS Code 7

    Here is the code definition.. No Isolation Solenoid during self check... As long as I put foot on brake before starting it stays off until I take my foot off the brake then it comes on.. Any help would be awesome and appreciated!!!
  14. multiranger

    My 89 Ranger

    I customized this one in 1990.. Won a few truck shows with her!! [/IMG]
  15. multiranger

    My idea of a Shelby Ranger if there would have been one.

    What I have to work with. 1990 Ranger. Short bed 2.3L manual Tansmission. [/IMG] :icon_welder:
  16. multiranger

    2.3 fuel problem

    Here is a tricky question for you guys... My dad has a 92 Ranger with the 2.3 in it. It has about 55,000 miles on it. The problem is he says when he fills it up it loses power until it gets down to about a half tank of fuel.. When mine had a 2.3 it had more power when it had a full tank.. Any...

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