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  1. p0325 p0171

    I finally got my truck running, i replaced the head and the fuel pump at the same time. Getting 2 codes p0325 Knock Sensor Bank 1 p0171 Bank 1 system too lean The truck sat with a half tank of gas for a full year with no stabilizer, could it be that this gas has degraded so bad and is causing...
  2. Cam Question!!

    Swapped them, checked the clearances, they all are in spec according to alldata! Should be good to go, thanks.
  3. Cam Question!!

    There are no markings like that, but I looked up the casting numbers on them and everything points to them being on the wrong sides. One is a 6272 and the other is a 6274 a quick google search indicates they may have been installed wrong. Also re-manufactured heads on ebay show pictures with...
  4. Cam Question!!

    I ordered a reman head from a company and when it got here, I'm pretty sure the cams are mixed up and on the wrong sides. I'm pretty sure the intake cam is the one that has the little nub on the end, but they have it on the exhaust side. Does this mean that they machined everything to spec...
  5. 1s7g vs 3s4g Head Swap?

    Well i ordered a reman 1s7g head and i got a 3s4g head instead. It looks similar at 1st glance but its quite different. It has extra oil ports and the cams protrude quite far. I edited this because i already got my answer. Im returning it.
  6. Metal gasket sealer?

    Replacing head. The actual head gasket, egr gasket, and coolant pipe gasket are all thin metal gaskets. I bought that copper spray-a-gasket stuff, is this all I'll need to properly seal these surfaces?
  7. Top Dead Center with head off

    does it matter which way i turn the crank?
  8. Top Dead Center with head off

    This is a pretty stupid question, but I have a brand new head ready to go onto my 2.3 To put the motor at tdc, (before I put the new head on) I just need to put on my crank bolt and turn it counter clockwise until the piston closest to the front is at the very top, right? Is there anything...
  9. Does this head gasket look bad enough for no compression in Cylinder 4?

    Alright, I did the air test on my valves. They were pretty terrible. A lot of air was coming through cylinder 4. Idk if it's enough to show 0 compression but it was pretty bad. I'm taking the head to get it decked and get a valve job. Not much else I can do. I feel like the only way it...
  10. Does this head gasket look bad enough for no compression in Cylinder 4?

    The chain looked and felt pretty tight. The buckets are the spring covers? If so, they look brand new with little wear. Wouldn't worn ones be thinner anyways, thus making the valves close earlier? At any rate, I will try this valve test and report back tomorrow.
  11. Does this head gasket look bad enough for no compression in Cylinder 4?

    I was out and about when it started missing real bad out of nowhere, got it home and changed the coil pack, the problem still persisted so I checked compression, all were 100-120 aside from #3 was 50. Then I tried to recheck and lost all compression on #4 literally a 0 reading. Well the head...
  12. Does this head gasket look bad enough for no compression in Cylinder 4?

    2003 2.3 180k Lost compression in cylinder 4 and was low on coolant. I pulled the head and checked for warpage with a precision straight edge. Everything seems to be straight and valves appear to be seated...at least I think, I don't really know how to check the valves beyond visual inspection...
  13. p0304 & p0316

    Changed coil, it wouldnt start at all after that, so switched back to the old coil, still nothing. Compression test (dry) shows 4 - 120 3- 50 - oil on plug 2 - 120 - oil on plug 1 - 100 And at 1st (with throttle closed) I was getting a 0 reading on 3. Weird. What are my possible...
  14. p0304 & p0316

    Ah, thanks. Stupid Autozone print out must have it wrong. Makes a lot more sense. I'll swap the coil tomorrow morning and check back. Thanks
  15. p0304 & p0316

    Crank Position sensor faulty and cylinder 4 misfiring. Both of these codes tripped at the same time. I checked for spark and it seems weak on 3 cylinders. Cylinder 1 is the only one with really bright spark. Anyone run into this problem? I guess im gonna try swapping out the coil pack first.

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