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  1. OldMan89

    Coolant temp help

    the engine in my 89 is out of a 92 ranger. Inthrow a code for engine temp sensor. I cannot for the life of me find where it is. I can see the temp SENDER but not the SENSOR that has the actual plug. And help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. OldMan89

    Oil pressure questions

    Ok I don’t mean to be repetitive on the forum but I’ve read a ton on here that the factory oil pressure gauge in the dash of my ‘89 is basically a go/no go gauge. No problem. Got that. But hear me out lol I’ve had the truck for about a year and a half. Drive it every day. About a month into...
  3. OldMan89

    High idle help

    Good evening everyone! Hope everyone is staying warm! My 89 ranger (2.3l out of a ‘92 and a 5 speed) has been running a little weird lately and I’m really stumped. Now it’s cold here in Tennessee so that might be some of my issue but I’ll take any advice I can get! when I cold start it, after...
  4. OldMan89

    Front suspension HELP!

    Hello all! My 89 ranger has 18” mustang wheels and 235/50r18s, along with spacers. The truck tracks true and I don’t appear to have any excessive camber. When I first did the swap all was well with zero rubbing anywhere. Now it seems when I take right handed turns or when I hip pot holes or...
  5. OldMan89

    Can’t figure out my fuel guage

    My truck has a brand new in tank sending unit but my fuel guage doesn’t really work…some times I’ll start it up and BOOM it jumps right up but after about 3 minutes it has slowly made its way back down to empty. Not times it just downst move. I’ve checked connections and fuses but I am coming up...
  6. OldMan89

    Parking brake pedal help

    Any clue if a parking brake pedal out of a 1993 explorer sport will fit in my 1989 ranger. My pedal won’t ratchet and hold so just looking at options I have readily available

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