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  1. snoranger

    1977 Pinto

    Yeah… but it’s funny.
  2. snoranger

    1977 Pinto

    It also has the gas tank removed so it’s less likely to blow up.
  3. snoranger

    Door jamb sticker

    You ever hear of Kevin Marti or a Marti report? The only reason anyone knows him is because Ford was throwing away all their old data.
  4. snoranger

    New Camera (black Friday deal at local camera store)

    I’ve got a Sony Alpha series mirrorless (I think it’s an a6000). Sony has been pushing mirrorless for years now, they take pretty much the same quality pics as DSLR with a very slightly smaller frame. You’re going to love the quality and actual distance you can take a good pic from. It’s a...
  5. snoranger

    What’s for dinner tonite!

    Here’s a few of the pies… There’s also a cherry, a chocolate, (maybe more, I don’t get involved in that madness.) and a bunch of personal “breakfast” pies not pictured.
  6. snoranger

    What’s for dinner tonite!

    Pizza… no pics, just pizza. We had pizza for dinner because the kitchen is needed for Thanksgiving prep. My mother, wife, daughter, and niece are currently making pies… pics to follow.
  7. snoranger

    Anyone know definitively where the chassis number is stamped on a Canadian 2007 Ford Ranger?

    I have ABSOLUTELY no problem with making people jump through hoops to register a homemade trailer. 90% of “homemade” trailers are actually stolen trailers. I’d much rather the slight inconvenience when I register a homemade trailer then allowing some scumbag trailer thief the ability to register...
  8. snoranger

    Door drain

    There are. Yours are clogged.
  9. snoranger

    What did you do to your Ranger today? (Part Deux!)

    That makes it sound really rare.
  10. snoranger

    Caliper Slider Pin lube, Ford calls for....

    ⬆️ This. But I’m at the mercy of our parts department.
  11. snoranger

    1980 ford f150

    That sounds like you’re looking for a 2wd radius arm and only finding 4wd one. Try looking for one for a F100 of the same year… they only came in 2wd.
  12. snoranger

    Final drive

    My buddy had an ‘87 GT with 2.73s… that thing wasn’t even starting to break a sweat hitting triple digits but it took a week and a half to get there. My ‘94 Cobra has 3.08s, I would regularly cruise at 100-110 when it was my daily driver. I had it up to 155 and she still had a lot more in her…...
  13. snoranger

    service manual questions, 1354-MANUAL years

    I built a 13-54m out of a 13-50m and a 13-54e close to 20 years ago. The 54 case is thicker where the shaft goes through the body, so a 50 shaft doesn’t really work. (You can make it work by positioning the arm right and welding it to the shaft.) For the detent… drill the case to the right...
  14. snoranger

    05 Cobalt help needed

    Not always. If you’re getting the correct signal, but at the wrong time, you may get a misfire without a code… you may get a cam/ crank signal correlation code.
  15. snoranger

    Settle an tounge weight arguement for me...

    Here’s the chart for an ‘18 F150.
  16. snoranger

    Settle an tounge weight arguement for me...

    All 3 quads… my ‘20 has the max payload package (required with the max tow package), and is rated to carry 2,300lbs or so. I’ve had 1800lbs in the bed and the rear was noticeably lower, but not squatted.
  17. snoranger

    Settle an tounge weight arguement for me...

    Depending on the year and trim level, you can carry that much weight in the bed.
  18. snoranger

    Raising engine crank centerline for better weight transfer (taller)

    I like that you’re trying something new (old? Whichever), but I think you’re barking up the wrong tree. Set your engine in as low and as far back as you can reasonably, build your suspension to work correctly, and fine tune it as necessary for track conditions. I’d prefer to see the front spark...
  19. snoranger

    What did you do to your Ranger today? (Part Deux!)

    Not my Ranger, but… I went over and checked out my uncle’s 2010 Ranger. He offered it to me for a very reasonable price. He’s got a new Ranger on order.
  20. snoranger

    05 Cobalt help needed

    Random misfire at high RPM… I’d check the ign system first. When it starts to get dark, take a spray bottle of water and lightly mist the coils. If you’ve got any kind of voltage leak, you’ll find it. (I didn’t read the rest of this thread) I’d also check your plugs. Are they gapped right and...

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