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  1. ForOffRoadDriving

    any one tried oil bath hubs on their 2wd?

    Its been almost a year since ive modded anything on my truck cause ive just been too busy driving it and living life, but after my latest tire rotation i noticed the wheel bearings had worn in some more and gotten loose. I know my oversized tires are partially to blame for this but after...
  2. ForOffRoadDriving

    any electronics wizards out there willing to help with an amplifier problem?

    I installed my system about a year ago and everything has worked just fine up until about a week ago. The problem im experiencing is that my amp keeps turning on and off whenever it feels like it (when the igniton and radio are turned on of course) and its driving me crazy! i am running 3 mtx...
  3. ForOffRoadDriving

    adding sound deadening

    so im finally getting tired of the rattles and vibrations of my truck so ive decided to add some sound deadening mat. heres some pics of the front doors i did last night, im going to do the back of the cab tonight (its extended) but im a little unsure on where exactly i should apply this stuff...
  4. ForOffRoadDriving

    Time for wheel bearings

    so its finally time to replace a wheel bearing on the GF's sporttrac, and since i work at the parts store i figured id share with you the american made bearing ill be putting on. the company is called WheelBearingsInc. and theyre located in gaylord mi, about 4 hours north of my town or 1 hour...
  5. ForOffRoadDriving

    inertia switch melt down!

    our parts delivery truck broke down on the way to make a delivery yesterday and we finally got it back from the service center in working order with the faulty part to show us. i would have never guessed the pigtail on the inertia switch to be the culprit but i guess ive seen stranger things?
  6. ForOffRoadDriving


    I love this jacket! I get to hug myself and it's decked out with cool buckles and stuff! The men in the white coats gave it to me. Thanks, guys! :)
  7. ForOffRoadDriving

    drum brake backing plates

    does anyone know if 10" drum brake backing plates from a 8.8 will bolt onto a 7.5" axle or are the tube diameters and bolt spacing different?
  8. ForOffRoadDriving

    Please post your axle photos..........

    Holy lift blocks batman!
  9. ForOffRoadDriving

    beastly beetle!

    snapped these pics while at a customers house of his BBC powered beetle on a K-5 blazer frame on 44s
  10. ForOffRoadDriving

    whats your actual engine operating temp?

    ive got a 195* thermostat in my 1994 3.0l (26,000 miles on it so all cooling system components and fluids are still new) and occasionally the temp will get to 210* and hover there until i get onto an open road where i can get the air flowing good again. i recently added a 3rd Hella comet 500...
  11. ForOffRoadDriving

    differential cover bash guard

    last night i made up a bash guard for my new axle so im just posting it up here for feed back. let me know if you see something i should change before it makes it to the paint stage!
  12. ForOffRoadDriving

    1st post in the axle section - be nice

    this is my first post in the axle section, though ive been a member since 2007. im going to be setting up a 7.5" with a set of richmond 4.10 gears and a lock rite (as soon as money permits, its sitting on the shelf at work just waiting on me to get the $$$). this will be my first time setting...
  13. ForOffRoadDriving

    new addition to the spare tire swing

    im just copying this from my build thread -
  14. ForOffRoadDriving

    does anyone have access to carfax?

    hey guys, my girlfriends mom is looking at buying a new car (2002 ford taurus with OHV 3.0l) and i was just wondering if i could get someone to run VIN on it to see if anything bad comes back. the vin is 1FAFP55U32G176913. please pm me if you can help as it will set off an email alert on my...
  15. ForOffRoadDriving

    Ranger porn

    I love to sit in the back of my ranger naked!!!!
  16. ForOffRoadDriving

    does this head look cracked?

    i had a customer bring me a pair of 3.0l heads a couple of days ago to magna-flux them and check them for cracks. after putting them in the spray off and then air drying them it was apparent they were no good:icon_rofl: we did magna flux them just for grins and FWIW the combustion chambers...
  17. ForOffRoadDriving

    my new obsession

    i have a friend who is a bit of a junk collector, and earlier in the year he was telling me about this woman who has a little honda motorcycle that she wants out of her way and he was wondering if i would be interested in giving it a new home. im already kind of a vintage bie collector so i...
  18. ForOffRoadDriving

    BII wheels in MI?

    does anyone in MI have a spare BII wheel theyre willing to part with? im looking for another wheel to complete my set of winter wheels. these are the ones im talking about, shoot me a PM if you wanna make a deal. im also looking for the center caps, but im not holding my breath on those, they...
  19. ForOffRoadDriving

    does anyone else experience a leak on the coolant resevoir?

    my over flow bottle has been leaking coolant at the overflow hose-to-tank connection for quite some time now and im not sure if its supposed to be a sealed connection or if it is just venting out of this spot because the lid is sealing too well? it usually bubbles/ bleeds after i shut it off...
  20. ForOffRoadDriving

    rear brake hose length with belltech 6400 shackles?

    im going to be installing a set of belltechs here shortly and was wondering if anyone had run in to trouble with the rear brake hose length after installing the shackles. i want to make sure it wont be too tight when the axle is at full droop, which shouldnt be too far off from where it is now...

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