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  1. LittleBigFoot

    3.0 Problems. Help Appreciated!

    2000 Ranger, 3.0 Flex, 130,000 miles. After dealing with a bunch of fuel problems, now I have a really bad missfire. It crept up on me all of the sudden and now my truck can't even get out of it's own way. It only misses under a load. When I rev it in neutral it sounds fine. It's horrible in...
  2. LittleBigFoot

    Fuel Issues: Contemplating pushing it into a field and lighting it on fire.

    I have a 2000 Ranger crawler. 3.0 flex, vin:V Need some fuel problem help. I upgraded to a 33 gallon tank out of an old bronco. I adapted the bronco's fuel sending unit to work with the Ranger, along with the Ranger's pump and canister. Havin tons of problems now. The symptoms: Fuel pump...
  3. LittleBigFoot

    Halloween Night Run at Slaughter House (Colorado)

    I get off work at the bar between 2 and 3 on Halloween. Just checkin interest in a late night run through Slaughter House on Halloween. Me and Oatmealman are already in. Hopin to have some company. Sound off!
  4. LittleBigFoot

    Need Some Photo Shoppin' (Not a rim/tire/paint/lift job)

    I'm debating shortening my wheel base. I can't decide if want to build a tube bed and loose the stock bedsides, or if I just want to shorten my bed and keep the stock, but short look. Either way it's getting caged, but I dig the step side Here's the photo to work with: And here's my crappy...
  5. LittleBigFoot

    Off Road Addiction: The 12 Step Program

    I was jokin' about it in another thread, so why not? 1) Admitting we are powerless with out our tools, bailing wire, duct tape, and BFHs. The cracks in our frame have become too big to patch. 2) Coming to realize a longer and greater wheeling trip can only return us to our sanity. 3) Made a...
  6. LittleBigFoot

    Project: Moose Knuckle; Part III

    Here's the run down as of 11/9/09: Front axle / suspension / steering: Full Width HP Dana 44 Front, 4.30 gears, molly shafts, SORD high steer arms w/ chevy flat top knuckles, 52" leaves, 8" shackles, SOA, 5/8 U bolts, home built high angle drive shaft, 3/4 ton van PS box, home brew shock...
  7. LittleBigFoot

    High Stall TC for a 4r44e?

    We all know the 3.0 is gutless. And it doesn't start making "move" till 2 or 3 grand. Even in 4lo the power band just isn't where it's needed to start movin big shoes. I'm thinkin underdrive pullies, 1.7 rockers, and some port matching. Then gearing the diffs after seeing what's up with my rpms...
  8. LittleBigFoot

    Crawlin Chinn's Lake. (First time out after SAS)

    Went up camping with some friends and my lady this weekend. We were near Chinn's Lake near Idaho Springs in CO. We also ventured to Fall River Resivor. I decided, "What the hell? I'll give my hubs a work out." Got stuck in some gnarly soup, got winched out by a kick ass FJ, but had a great...
  9. LittleBigFoot

    Manual T-Case for a 4r44e Questions?

    I've got a 3.0, 4r44e, and electrec Bw1354. I found a yoke style manual shift BW 1350 out of an 88 B2. Any way I can make this work? I can deal with shift linkage fine, but will it bolt up or need an adaptor? Thanks, Adam
  10. LittleBigFoot

    Back Yard Special: Links on the Cheap

    I'm thinkin about some back yard links. I was lookin at my current leaf spring hangers thinkin, those would be great places to start for a link style suspension set up. DOM is 22 bucks a foot around here, heims are wicked expensive, and tube inserts are killer in the end. I got to thinkin...
  11. LittleBigFoot

    WWII Dodge Military 1.5 ton axles

    A buddy of mine wants to lift his cherokee. This dude knows his shit, but hasn't delt much with building 4x4s. We got to talking today about what he wants to do to his XJ and we started discussing axle swaps. He said he's got a set of 1.5ton military axles laying around at his house but he...
  12. LittleBigFoot

    D44 WheelBearing Torque Specs

    I was rhomping on my truck a lot lately. I knew my balljoints weren't the best, and I thought today I finally did them in. I had about 15* camber coming out the top. After pushing on the tire and inspecting the ball joints, I'm begining to think my wheelbearings are toast or just loose. I...
  13. LittleBigFoot

    Locker Combos for D44/9": Ponder with me

    So after getting stuck in a mud pit with only RWD and an open diff, I've decided two things: to finish building my front shaft, and to get locked. I'm also on a budget and don't want to shell out for full carrier replacements So ponder with me, what would be a good locker combo for a DD'ed...
  14. LittleBigFoot

    Military Tires?

    I stumbled onto some Military tires on craigslist and decided to look into them. Tempted. Thoughts? http://www.clarktruck.com/misc.cfm?step=1&mymisccat=2 And how do the measurements work out? I'm used to height by width by rim... Adam
  15. LittleBigFoot

    Gen 4 show off. Let's be cool like the others.

    Why not, right? We were the first to deal with the IFS so lets see what we've learned in 10 years. Was: 2000 Ford Ranger XLT style side, 3.0 Flex, 4r44e, BW-1354 shit on the fly, D35, 28 spline 8.8", bought stock. Is: Sas'ed with a HP D44 and Ford 9", 4.30 gearing, molly shafts, 63s/4"...
  16. LittleBigFoot


    This post regards steering, stopping, and axles, so I figured General Discussions was a decent place to post it. I finished my SOA leaf sprung SAS on a 2000 Ranger a few weeks ago. I had a bit of a jankety inverted y steering set up. I'm running into a few problems and I'm looking for...
  17. LittleBigFoot

    Wheeling in a dry areas: Stack?

    I live up against the Rockies in the great CO. I do a lot of wheelin' in dry and fire damage areas. I don't want to contribute to the risk of another Haymen fire. I know a stack on a gas truck is down right retarded. But I'm considering running my current 2.5" pipes up through the bed behind...
  18. LittleBigFoot

    It's Too Early For Christmas Lights: Post SAS questions

    This may be long, but I'm in great need of direction. Thanks in advance. As some of you know I am in the finishing stages of my Dana44 / Ford 9" swap in my 2000 Ranger. I'm having a few issues now that I'm using 30 year old axles on an 8 year old truck. On her first road voyage, the check...
  19. LittleBigFoot

    Fall Colors and Wheelin In The Great CO

    Oatmeal and I took a stock Nissan Frontier wheelin today. Oatmeal was at the wheel. It was a great time to see the aspin changin'. We had no clue where we were going. We were looking for a trail I used to wheel but forgot how to get there, and we stumbled across Park Service Road 177.1 outside...
  20. LittleBigFoot

    Project: Moose-Knuckle

    TOTM INFO: 2000 Ford Ranger XLT, 3.0l flex (DEAD) 4r44e auto with electric BW1354 Front: Full Width HP Dana 44 Molly shafts 4.30:1 gearing Open diff 52" Chevy leaves with 8" shackles 3/4 ton ford van power steering box 1 ton TRE's Home built high angle drive shaft (tom woods can eat my shaft)...

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