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  1. Hydrogen??

    I have read the thread on why Hydrogen units DON'T work. Please explane what the difference is with the new Hydrogen powered cars vrs. these units. I was thinking how a little nitro helps in a gas motor; why wouldn't a little Hydrogen help in a gas motor. Please don't bury me in theory, just...
  2. Hydrogen??

    Has anyone tried one of these conversion kits? I've heard good things from some of the mech. in my area. Any input? I've a 2008 4.0 Ranger. Chuck
  3. Mpg

    Ok fellas, just back from a trip to the Vet. Hospital in Portland. Driving down I-5 to 58 to Oakridge, Oregon. 2008 Ranger 4X4 w/ 4.0 V-6. 22 MPG. And with gas at almost $4 per gal. I was glad to see that kind of preformance. Hope all are doing well also. Chuck
  4. Gas

    I just bought a 2008 Ranger. It has the 16" tires, a 4.0 V-6, and the overdrive unit. Is 20 mpg all I can expect? Even on highway driving? Has anyone been able to get these trucks up to the 25 mpg or better? If so, How? Thanks in advance. Chuck
  5. simple question

    I've a 2008 Ranger with the 4.0 auto. 4x4. Is a reg. gas acceptable or do I need to run a hotter fuel? During break in? Thanks, Chuck

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