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  1. Figuring out my GCWR/Max trailer weight

    Hey guys, I've had this 1997 Ranger since 2000 and this trailer since 2001 and its never been a problem towing it. Except that before we got the trailer the rear end blew and the dealer refused to rebuild it so they put a random junkyard axle in there. According to the door sticker below it...
  2. Coolant Temp sensor identification

    I'm trying to figure out the name of the housing that the coolant temp sensor screws into on Limas. I've replaced it before but I cant figure out what the damn thing is called to search for now. Heres a pic.
  3. JY Ranger 8.8

    I pulled a replacement 8.8 from a junkyard with 4:10 gears in it, from the door it said it was open diff. But I broke the cardinal rule of JY pulling, take a picture of the OEM Vin panel with all the vehicle info on it. It was pouring rain, I was miserable but it was a perfect complete axle to...
  4. 8.8 29 to 31spline

    Hey guys, I think I'm getting some misinformation online and I was hoping someone could clear it up for me. I have a 8.8 29 spline at the moment, its 4.10 gears which is acceptable for me thus far but its open diff. Instead of dropping 500$ on a lunchbox locker for the 29 spline and having no...
  5. HD leaf springs options

    I posted this same question over on Ranger forums but I had only one person really respond to me so I was looking for alternate opinions. I figure you guys tend to be more modified so possibly more knowledgeable on options for me. I have a 1997 Ford Ranger ext cab that I'm looking to take over...

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