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  1. Yoder

    2.3l turbo into my 95 ranger

    well i have a motor in my sight and not new to fab and motors i build rebuild them and just swapped my ranger to 4wd and lifted it. i am a diesel guy and this is my beater farm truck and my work truck the older brother lol anyway im not going big ill get the motor re seal it up stud it and...
  2. Yoder

    2wd to 4wd!!

    hey yall i got my 95 2.3L thats a manual 2wd and i found a tran and tcase and full front suspension with 6 inch lift on craigslist for 400 bucks and probably goin to get it tomorrow but i think i have to rebuild the tcase which is no big deal but anyone got any tips for this? i pretty sure its...
  3. Yoder

    2.3L to 2.3L Turbo

    Ok found a motor, and its just the motor what all things do i Have to have for the swap there wont be any performance done with it it just my toy and i can get tho motor for like 150 bucks. Trying to keep it cheap, O and my truck is a 1994 with a 5 speed two wheel drive. any input would be...
  4. Yoder

    Lowering the 95

    well i got my 2wd and lookin for a cheap way to drop the back a little bit to give it a better stance but keeping the load capacitiy, any ideas would be helpfull
  5. Yoder

    EGR valve???

    how is everyone, new here mostly been on powerstroke forums and now them fron to back and got my 95 i while back to keep the stoke in the barn, so i checked codes and it threw for bad EGR valve?? how easy to change?? any input would be appreciated, thanks

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