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  1. 3.0ranger1227

    Gas gauge, 1992, slightly possessed

    Been driving my 1992 DD for a couple of months now, slowly working through the little bugs in it. The gas gauge is a little possessed. When you start the truck it immediately goes way past full. Then as time goes on it slowly settles down to somewhere around 1/2, almost no matter what the fuel...
  2. 3.0ranger1227

    My new truck(some mini questions)

    Wow haven't been on this site in forever - what's up guys. Anyways yesterday I picked up a DD since my 03 is still taken apart. Saw this on CL and couldn't pass it up(especially not for $1500): Quick specs as it sits: 4cyl 5spd 2wd Manual locks, windows, steering, everything. Bench seat...
  3. 3.0ranger1227

    GM Vs Ford Axles

    Not 100% true, my 3.0 edge has a 28 spline 8.8 with 4.10s. But I do agree that either a full size or explorer 8.8 is better than a ranger one. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. 3.0ranger1227

    GM Vs Ford Axles

    Ford 9. If you do go with an 8.8 make sure it's 31 spline. A ton more options with the 9 though, except for one certain locker that they don't make for a 9. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. 3.0ranger1227

    Power steering pump info

    Does anyone have access to the pressure specs for a few different vehicles? Specifically a 2003 Ford Ranger Edge 3.0 flex 2wd and a 2003 Chevy blazer 4.3 2wd. Also if anyone has specific manufacturer part numbers for the two pumps that would be helpful too.
  6. 3.0ranger1227

    Power mirrors. Left and down only?

    Ok so my power mirrors had completely stopped working for a few weeks. Went in and pressed the pins back in place on the back of the switch and now they're back to what they were doing before. Only the left and down work. Both sides do the same thing. From the wiring diagram I found there are...
  7. 3.0ranger1227

    The "That'll Never Work" Build.

    Decided to create a new thread in the build section rather than the show off section where the old one was, as this is going to turn into a good sized build. Anyways where the truck is now: And the new heart for the truck: Coming from this truck: Has a mild cam in the engine...
  8. 3.0ranger1227

    Looking at a 2-3" drop

    I meant rangers but yes you are correct.
  9. 3.0ranger1227

    Looking at a 2-3" drop

    What? Beams only ever came with coil springs. What year is your truck?
  10. 3.0ranger1227

    Indicator needles

    Quick question does anyone know if all ford indicator needles are the same other than the color? I had a thought the other day while driving my parent's '02 T-Bird - Swap to the white face from a newer ranger and put the T-bird Teal w/ brushed center indicator needles on so that my cluster...
  11. 3.0ranger1227

    annoying battery issue

    Battery light is on, gauge is showing low. When running a voltmeter across the battery terminals reads 11.5v. When turned off, meter across terminals reads 12.0v, and a meter from the positive terminal to the radiator reads 12.5v. What is going on? Replaced the battery terminals because both...
  12. 3.0ranger1227

    Replacement speakers

    Looking to replace my stock speakers for better sound. Nothing major, just simple full range direct replacements. Need some advice on the speakers. Found these on crutchfield...
  13. 3.0ranger1227

    Shipping size

    Anyone ever had a set of front fenders shipped to them(fiberglass or stock)? Or picked them up in a box? About what size was the box?
  14. 3.0ranger1227

    Jump seat dimensions

    Anyone know or able to measure the dimensions of the bottom of the jumpseat in a later model (98+)? I don't have access to my truck to measure it right now. Just for clarification I'm asking about the wood(?) piece that the seat bottom cushion is attached to.
  15. 3.0ranger1227

    Blinker issue

    My front left hand blinker, along with my left hand blinker light on the dash do not light up. The relay is clicking, albeit at about double speed, and the left rear blinker works, at the same speed as the relay is clicking. Replaced the front blinker bulb, no change. Is it the bulb in the dash?
  16. 3.0ranger1227

    3 link Vs 4 Link

    Why go with one over the other? I'm sure this has been covered before but I can't find it. With a triangulated 3 link you're basically the same as a 4 link with the pivots on the pumpkin, right? And I'm asking in the Prerunner sense, but I'd like to see all the reason for each one
  17. 3.0ranger1227

    a better gymkhana

    Random video of the day. Ken Block has nothing on this guy. PDGfzYiDEpI :shok::shok::icon_surprised::headbang:
  18. 3.0ranger1227

    Fiberglass boxes

    Anyone built speaker/sub boxes using the vacuum bag technique of fiberglassing? I.E. building a plug(undersized for the part), release agent over that, lay up the glass, bag over everything and suck it down tight, let cure? thinking about doing it for my friend's 350z instead of building a wood...
  19. 3.0ranger1227

    Custom(aluminum) consoles

    Anyone done aluminum center consoles in their trucks? I'm going to try and build one when I swap motors, mainly to hold the shifter. What i really want to see is how you did it. I was thinking press brake to make the bends for the sides, beads for stiffness, etc. But some pictures I've seen had...
  20. 3.0ranger1227

    ABS controller

    Is the ABS controlled from the main ECU or is it controlled from a seperate box?

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