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  1. Forgot to post over here, new wheels and tires!

    tossed the 31s and steelies off in exchange of 33s on american racing bajas. I got five of them with BFG a/ts for $250! :headbang::headbang::headbang: Old New
  2. Fram Airhog filters $9!!!

    Well if im looking at it right, Im about to buy an airhog for $9 (p/n PPA8243 for a '05 3.0L). I got the p/n off Rockauto. They have a bunch of filters for that price, check it out!! http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg...X0DER&v=glance
  3. 2.3 duratec engine max speed limiter

    its limited there. and stop beating on your poor moms pickup!!
  4. Trail pics + new bumper

    Went to CA to hang out with my buddy and we put together a bumper for the truck. Now before I get reamed on how "this or that" isnt perfect. I know it isn't, trust me. But regardless, doesn't bother me. We had a good time building it, and for a $50 bumper, I won't complain! I'll be painting it...
  5. Went up to a little snow today - pics

    Nothin crazy, just checking things out on Mount Charleston today
  6. Overhaulin' Episode (built my Dad's Challenger) 2/26 TLC

    The Overhaulin' episode where they built my Dad's Challenger is re-running again Thursday. 2/26 at 8pm and 2/27 at 1am on TLC. Just if anyone wanted to check it out. -Mike me & chip
  7. Today's off-road adventures

    My buddy in the Jeep and I went from Nellis Dunes over to Lake Mead today. Had a good time except for the reallllll soft sand that was giving me fuss lol. I aired down and was pretty well off the rest of the day. L/R off the ground some
  8. My 2005 Edge "FX2" Pics

    I've had my truck for about, 2 1/4 years or so now. I bought it with 22k on it, bone stock. I now have about 57,000miles on it and a few tweaks to it. Drivetrain:3.0L V6, Auto Trans, 8.8 diff, 4.10s, Rebuilt Trac Lock (I added) Underdrive Crank pulley (o/d alt), X Cal Tuner, Taurus 2speed...
  9. Newb - 05' Ranger

    I frequent RPS and R-F so some of you probably know me and my truck. Basic 2005 Edge, 3.0L, auto, 8.8 with 4.10 + LSD Torsion crank, Underdrive Pulleys, Tuner, Taurus E-Fan, Little catback with a Flowmaster 40. Tool box, bed mat, 5' Firestik w/Cobra 19 CB. Headlight mod, nightshade, HIDs...
  10. Modding a torsion bar truck to be more "Pre-runner" friendly

    Looking to see what can be done with my torsion bar suspension to have it perform better for small jumps, and your normal desert terrain. It's a bit stiff when playing around so looking for suggestions. :icon_thumby:

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