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  1. How much power did you lose with cracked heads on your 4.0 ohv?

    Hey guys I have a 2000 4x4 ranger with a tired 4.0 ohv with 235k miles. It has never had much power since I got it at 215k miles but it's completely GUTLESS pulling any kind of a load..I can barely get 55-60mph pulling my bass boat on a flat road in 4th gear which is far from normal. What I...
  2. Differences between 4.0 OHV headers for 90-97 and 98-2000 model Rangers

    Hey guys I am in the process of replacing the heads on my 4.0 OHV in my 2000 Ranger. I'm not gonna reuse the factory manifolds and I don't see many headers for the 98-2000 model trucks with the 4.0 that aren't $400++..There are ALL KINDS of rather inexpensive headers for 90-97 Rangers with the...

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