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  1. Exhaust flange to manifold

    ahhh, ok... The pipe is actually 1.75" at the flange... Hopefully that does the trick, thank you!
  2. Exhaust flange to manifold

    The exhaust flange bolting the y pipe up to the manifolds is getting pretty rusty on my '91 3.0... flimsy and causing an exhaust leak. Ideas to fix this issue?
  3. Starts fine the first time, then won't start.

    New double platinum Bosch plugs in May 2020 as well as wires, rotor, distributor cap, ecm. No change in starts. FPR was replaced with a 1992 engine swap due to a failed FPR and hydrolock in 2010 (so it's not THAT old, but aftermarket so who knows) . Wouldn't I notice other issues with any of...
  4. Starts fine the first time, then won't start.

    1991 Ranger, almost 200k miles - Initial start in the morning and it fires up within a couple cranks.... any other time during the same day whether it has sat for 5 minutes or 2 hours, it will not turn over without giving some gas pedal.... Seems the longer between starts it may start a little...
  5. Stumbles on initial acceleration

    Tried a different hose in fuel pressure tester kit, now I got some results... first turn of key, 10 psi and fast leak down, second turn of key, up to 15, 3rd turn, 20psi.... and immediate leak downs... Fuel pump, you are coming out!
  6. Stumbles on initial acceleration

    MAF cleaned, no help... new air filter.... did find a crack in hose going from intake tube to crankcase so replaced and that helped the severity of the issue but it still exists... it is the popping, stumbling at take off and also at low rpms below 3000... it is also max rpms that shows it self...
  7. Stumbles on initial acceleration

    Sooo, still trying to figure this issue. Part time truck so not trying real hard obviously... Problem seems to be progressing in that now after a long hwy drive, or rather after heated up pretty well, say going up a long hill on the hwy, it starts to stumble. Sort of like a miss. Get off the...
  8. Stumbles on initial acceleration

    Have a problem that feels like an air leak. Previous intake tube was starting to rot... slight cracks in according section led to air leaks that caused similar issue. Replaced tube, everything ran fine for few months. Now the similar problem has developed and I'm wondering if it isn't...
  9. Front Spring Mount fubar

    Released via different jack placement. Disregard previous post about posting pic. Seems the size was too large on pic.
  10. Front Spring Mount fubar

    Alright, why can I upload pics from computer but not phone? :-/
  11. Front Spring Mount fubar

    Spring out by letting arm drop.
  12. Front Spring Mount fubar

    Soooo, making sure I'm not missing your point... haha. You think the power steering slight leaks keeps things from rusting on that side? I suppose that is possible even though mine doesn't seem to ever loose fluid... I'm guessing maybe the passenger side is just more susceptible to staying...
  13. Front Spring Mount fubar

    thinking driver's side seems ok... perhaps passenger side wears faster because of the AC dryer above it?!?
  14. Front Spring Mount fubar

    Thanks for all the suggestions! Rented a coil spring compressor from AZone but thinking I need the strut spring compressor... then again, adsm08's idea of putting jack under a different area of frame might allow me to use the coil spring compressor that needs to have access to the top of the...
  15. Front Spring Mount fubar

    Awesome, thank you! Yes, the wheel removal and other stuff isn't too bad, cept the mount is now pushed up into the engine compartment. Hoping hasn't hurt anything else. But grinding off the old rusty mount is gonna be a little challenging... Just grind off rivets and that is where bolts will go?
  16. Front Spring Mount fubar

    Seems the mount on passenger side has rusted on the old '91. Looks like it was riveted into the frame... ideas? Take to a metal fabricator I guess? Will have to take off tire, compress spring and remove shock too I think. Grrrr
  17. high and low beams AT ONCE!

    1991 Ranger. If headlights are on and I push the stick forward (towards dashboard), I get high beams (while simultaneously the low beams switch off). I find it more to my liking to just pull the stick back and I keep my low beams working while my high beams add to the illumination! It's...
  18. upper ball joint stuck

    1991 Ranger 2WD. Spindle removed. Using a ball joint press from Autozone, my upper isn't moving and the c-clamp thing is bending... ideas?!? :annoyed::annoyed::annoyed:
  19. Speedometer incorrect

    Seems lately the speedometer is saying I'm going faster than I know I am. Have double checked with gps. I was just doing some brief looking around on here and noticed someone saying something about ABS in relation to speedometer? My ABS light has been going on and off at times and seems there...
  20. Rear end vibration

    I'm thinking rear axle bearings at 175k miles never changed. Feels in the driveline and seems more than just a wheel weight being off. Vibration seems more noticeable during highway speeds and severity varies with acceleration and deceleration. I'm thinking there are bearings at the wheels...

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