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  1. Location of Door Lock Relay 1999 Explorer?

    Thanks! Easy fix. Bill
  2. Location of Door Lock Relay 1999 Explorer?

    Hi All Where is the location of the Door Lock Relay on a 99 Explorer? My Door Locks are going Crazy. I can hear the lock motors cycling in the doors. l disconnected the Negative Battery terminal to make it stop. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! Bill
  3. Brakes are very touchy now - 2000 Ranger

    Hi All 2000 Ranger, 4x4, Auto. Bought the truck a few month's ago. Suddenly the brakes seem to be very touchy, they kinda grab a little. Last month I inspected all 4 and all looked ok. The only thing I actually did was clean the rear brakes and that seemed to help some, however the...
  4. 94 Ranger Left Window Motor does not stop at the bottom

    Hi All 94 Ranger The new window motor I just installed is fine going up but going down will not stop at the bottom. It continues to try to run making that bumpety bumpety sound. Is there a relay or something that controls the power to stop the motor when the window is fully opened or closed...
  5. Windshield washer hose broke in cowling, How do I access it?

    Hi All Windshield washer does not work. Sounds like it is dumping in the cowling on the passenger side. How do I access that area to fix the hose or fitting? It is a 99 Explorer. Thanks in advance. Bill
  6. Check Engine light shows Lean in Bank 1 and Bank 2

    Hi All Just replaced my wife's 94 with a 2000 Ranger. A week after I bought it the Check Engine light lit up with the codes for Lean in Bank 1 and Lean in Bank 2. I have not found anything obvious. What would be the best list of things to look for? Any advice would be greatly appreciated...
  7. 94 Ranger 4x4 - Swapping out Standard for an Automatic? Any thoughts or advice?

    Hi All I have a 94 Ranger 4x4 thinking of swapping the Standard out for an Automatic Trans. Any thoughts or advice on how involved this would be? Or can anyone point me in the right direction for research info? Thanks in advance. Bill
  8. O/D Off light flashes going up steep grades. 2000 Explorer

    Hi All 2000 Explorer O/D Off light flashes going up steep grades on 4wheel trails, also happened on steep paved road the other day. Any thoughts as to what's going on? Thanks in advance. Bill
  9. Play in the Column Shifter - 97 Ranger

    Hi All I am looking at buying a 97 Ranger 4.0L Automatic. The seller states that there is "Play in the Column Gear Shifter" Is this a common issue? Is there a repair or anything? Should I be concerned about an expensive repair? I have not seen it yet, trying to set up a time this after...
  10. Door Ajar Light always on? 95 Ranger

    Hi All I am looking at buying a 95 ranger XLT. The seller says the only 2 issues is the Door Ajar light is on and the passenger window won''t roll down. Not worried about the window, probably the motor or switch. But not sure about the Door Ajar Light. Anyone have any thoughts as to what...
  11. Can I swap Ranger hubs - 94 w/Manual Hubs & 97 w/Auto hubs?

    Hi All I have a very tired 94 Ranger with Manual Hubs. I am looking at buying a 97 Ranger that needs new automatic hubs. Can I simply swap them between the 2 trucks? Or are there different spline counts or other differences that would not allow the swap? Thanks! Bill
  12. Trans appears to freewheel downhill while in First Gear

    Hi All 2000 Explorer, 4.0L OHV Auto Trans. Putting the Trans on 1st Gear it does not seem to hold the truck back going down hill. Maybe the Converter is not locking? Fluid level is good. It is in first gear because going up hill it does stay in low gear. It is only when going down hill that...
  13. 00 Explorer, Cable Anchor broke on Trans side, Any tutorials on swapping the cable?

    Hi All 2000 Explorer. The Trans cable is no longer anchored to the side of the trans. Looks like part of the plastic retaining clip broke. Any tutorials on swapping the cable? Or is there a repair for this without swapping the cable? Thanks in advance! Bill
  14. Swapping 96 4.0L into a 94 Ranger 4.0L - But Wiring Harnesses are different.

    Hi All I want to swap a 96 4.0 OHV from an Explorer into a 94 Ranger with same 4.0L OHV. Got the Explorer free and was really hoping for an easy swap until I saw the Wiring Harnesses are not the same. The 96 has the 1 big main connector to the firewall. The 94 does not have the 1 connector, it...
  15. Pressed keyfob & Door Locks started cycling repeatedly, had to pull Neg Batt Cable

    Pressed keyfob & Door Locks started cycling repeatedly, had to pull Neg Batt Cable Hi All 99 Explorer. I pressed the Key Fob Button to unlock and the lock motors started cycling. Funny thing was that the lock knobs stayed down in the lock position, they were not actually moving up and down...
  16. Drivers door window goes down at an angle.

    Hi All 2000 Explorer, Power windows. Drivers window sticks a bit when it goes down. The front of the glass goes down easy but the rear seems to stick or bind and the glass goes down at an angle. Is there a fix for this? I assume the track is wearing out or maybe getting dirty? I also have...
  17. Brake light on, ABS flashing 3 or 4 times

    Hi All 94 Ranger 4.0L 4spd, 4x4. Brake light is on, ABS light flashes 4 times. Possibly 3 times I'm at work and my wife was not sure when she just called me. The brakes seem to be working just fine with no noticeable changes. Is the flashing a certain code to an issue? Any thoughts would be...
  18. E Brake Grommet popped out of Firewall, How do I get i back in?

    Hi All Not sure if this is where I should post it but here's my issue. The E-Brake cable grommet popped out of the firewall inside the truck. It is still around the cable. Any ideas how to get the grommet back in or what to use to block the hole? Lots of real hot air coming through into...
  19. 96 Explorer will not go into Park and shifter seems looser

    Hi All My son's 96 Explorer will not go into Park. Also the shifter seems to be looser than it was. Is there an adjustment on the Trans? I'm trying to diagnose from out of town so don't have any of my manuals with me. Any advise is appreciated. Thanks Bill.
  20. No warning bell when lights left on

    Hi All 1996 Explorer. There are no warning bells when we leave the lights on and get out of the truck or leave the keys in it with the door open. Was thinking it might be be the warning bell itself but I have not found that. Any thoughts on that or what else it might be? Thanks in advance...