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  1. 88ranger89camaro

    Strange Sensor

    What sensor would be in the heater line, behind the alternator, has 3 wires, looks like one goes to a condenser looking piece that goes to the front coil pack 1994 Ranger 2.3 5 Speed, non A/C, non P.S.
  2. 88ranger89camaro

    1990 Seats In A 1994

    I can find what cars and other trucks seats that fit Rangers, but what about different year Rangers. I have a set of MINT split bench out of a 2nd get (IIRC 1990) will the fit in my 1994 with a full bench with little to no mods?? Thanks!!! BTW Nice to be back here :yahoo:
  3. 88ranger89camaro

    Need Help With A Cheap 2" Lift

    I would like to lift my 88 2wd 1 to 2 inchs all around, I know the back will easy with a block, but not sure about the front ..... Can I just use one of the coil spring spacers to get the 1" or 2" up front just would like to do this before I get my alignment
  4. 88ranger89camaro

    Broken Trans Mount Cause Problems

    Would a broken trans mount cause random troubles shifting into gears Also I say its broken, the trans will slightly move to the left/right and up just a little bit ..... or is that normal slop in one Its a M5OD btw
  5. 88ranger89camaro

    Help me pick wheel tire combo

    Ok I see that the recomended 15" x 7" is a backspace of 3.75 with a -6mm off set ...... but factory was a 4.5 backspace so what is the best with tires I want and also will they fit a 2wd 88 ranger 235/75/15 is what i want, im running 215/75/15 now anyway what of the four do yall like the best...
  6. 88ranger89camaro

    Gear Oil in my M50D-R1

    My MD50D-R1 has gear oil in it ........... Is it important that I go back to ATF or can I roll with the gear oil? I'm pretty sure thats the trans I have and from looking in the tech section it says that what I should have 88 2.3 2wd Also the rubber plugs it suggests on replacing... where...
  7. 88ranger89camaro

    88 2.3 5 speed Towing

    i know the book says only 2,000lbs, but i pull a 18' 2,800 lb bowrider with mine and well it does strugle, dont seem to want to do over 63MPH. My 14ft tandem axle trailer is about 1200lbs empty and it dont seem to want to cruise at anymore than 65ish truck seem to have plenty of power alone...
  8. 88ranger89camaro

    88 2.3 Timing

    i know the sticker says 10 BTDC, but whats the sweet spot in timing for a little more power running 89 octane 100% Gas no ethonol only mods are no cat, magnaflow, and a MSD coil Thanks
  9. 88ranger89camaro

    Hello From Lower Alabama

    Hello :icon_cheers: My name is Jason, 28y/o. I have a 1988 Ford Ranger XLT, 2.3, 5 speed, long bed, 160,000 miles, UWS toolbox, 2 1/4 exhaust w/magnaflow no cat, Alpine 9855 MP3 head unit w/ Pioneer speakers, Mirage (Galaxy) 6600 CB 100watts pushing 300watts. Truck runs great, I have had it for...

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