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  1. RacinNdrummin

    Details for the Long Beach meet tomorrow

    Im making a thread so the details of tomorrow can be hashed out, and any questions answered. I propose that we meet at noon, at Cape Disappointment SP in the parking lot just off Jetty Rd after you come into the park...
  2. RacinNdrummin

    JY finds thread...

    So, Ive been thinking, especially after seeing the few JY threads we have here in the NW section, I want to make a thread that people can post JY finds of things they dont plan on picking up themselves. Ive come across things before that are valuable to RBV owners, that I had no intention of...
  3. RacinNdrummin

    4x4 swap meet...

    Anybody gonna check it out???
  4. RacinNdrummin

    Elbe Hills Snow Run Jan 22... Whos going?

    Ive never been to Elbe hills, but im looking to hit up the 3rd annual snow run the 22nd, and I was wondering if there was anybody from here that was planning to attend??
  5. RacinNdrummin

    Part Throttle Hesitation...

    Ive been having an issue where at about 1600-1800RPM and the middle third of throttle position, Im having a hesitation problem. The first third is fine and if you put your foot into it, it clears up. Also above 2k, there is no problem, even in the middle third. Ive changed the TPS, swapped MAF...
  6. RacinNdrummin

    The Shock Thread

    Ive been doing some research and searching a lot here on the forums, and I think it would be a good idea to have a Shock thread with different shocks, what vehicles they came from, what your setup is, and any other info about them. I think it would help out the DIY'ers. If you have part numbers...
  7. RacinNdrummin

    The Meridian Auto Wrecking "Pull-N-Pay"

    This is what I posted on Turboford, so I figured Id post it here too... Anybody thats familiar with Meridian Auto wrecking in Graham knows what im talking about and if you are local and dont, heres the scoop: They opened an off-shoot pull-a-part style yard right next door (I assume to capture...
  8. RacinNdrummin

    New 2.3 Upper intake...

    Hey guys, I just wanted to mention that im making sheet metal upper intakes for the 2.3. I have a sticky thread over at turboford. Here is a few pics. I make them in std, 90* and 120* rotations, and they are meant for a stock lower intake. Basically its like bolting on a gutted...
  9. RacinNdrummin

    8.8/D44 Hybrid Build Thread...w/PIC's

    Ok I have almost all my parts to build the axle now so I guess I can start the thread. If this is not the appropriate section for this than please move it..... I picked up a chevy D44 off of Craigslist for $25. Had high steer knuckles but no spindles or brake hardware. I removed the...
  10. RacinNdrummin

    D44 high steer w/10bolt parts?

    As the title says, Can I use the spindle and brake parts from a 10 bolt front end on my D44 high steer knuckles?
  11. RacinNdrummin

    8.8/D44 front axle hybrid

    Im putting this in the non-ranger axle area because I feel its more appropriate. Before I get flamed for bringing this up, I wanted to say in my defense that I have been thinking about this for awhile and the idea came to me due to the lack of other options I have come across in my area. I was...
  12. RacinNdrummin

    3.0 exhaust port diameter

    Can anybody with a spare engine/head get me a measurement of the 3.0 exhaust port diameter? I have a gasket but I think the gasket is larger in diameter than the port. Thanks in advance.
  13. RacinNdrummin

    Project El Taco...1990 BII

    Project El Taco...1990 BII SOHC swap So the story starts in september of 2006, My girlfriend and I fly down to Silver city, NM. We were going down to her uncles place to pick up a 99 chrysler LHS with 42K that he gave her. The car was like brand new, with just about every option under the...

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