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  1. 1995 2.3L removing EGR Tube

    Trying to replace the EGR Valve and I wanted to clean the tube at the same time. I bought an adjustable wrench and am trying to remove the nut from the exhaust manifold, but i'm failing super hard right now. Does anyone have any tips on how to remove this tube from the exhaust?
  2. Any advice on replacing positive and negative battery cables?

    I have a 1995 Ford Ranger, 2.3L who's battery cables have seen better days. It's my only vehicle right now, so I can't really take the cables off to take them somewhere and match them up, so i'm looking for the most efficient way to get them. I see that I can order the (correct?) negative...
  3. Need some help with my heating.

    I have a 1995 Ford Ranger, 2.3L from Florida. The truck runs great, but I moved to Ohio last fall where it's a big colder. Before the truck came here the heating had never been used. So last year the heat didn't work and I did a bunch of diagnostics on it to get it working. Last year I...
  4. Passenger Side Door Lock Issues

    I have a 1995 Ford Ranger Regular Cab with a standard transmission. The passenger side door is having some issues. I can lock and unlock the door freely from the inside, and the inside/outside door handles work just fine. However, I cannot unlock the passenger side from the outside using the...
  5. Any Central Florida users?

    Just got a decent 95 ranger that i'm looking to buy parts for. Looks like a lot of the junk yard vehicles have been stripped already, so turning to this forum that's helped me out in the past! I am looking for any regular cab bucket seats, along with carpet and possibly some body panels.
  6. Any computer science majors?

    I love computers, and have been working on them for 10 years now. I want a career in something computer related, and i want to learn everything i can about them. There is a community college less than ten minutes away and i will be attending school again (hopefully next month!). I need some...
  7. Motorcycle license.

    Come next summer, i will be traveling to NY for a summer job, and then finally to college. Before all of this happens, i want to sell the truck (don't want to have it in college) and buy a decent motorcycle (1-2k). I am curious to what is the best way to go about getting my motorcycle license...
  8. stiff clutch?

    I went to look at a 98 mustang today. Drives perfectly fine, but the clutch is rather stiff...where my rangers is pretty easy to push in. Is that bad? I basically had to put half my weight into the clutch pedal.
  9. Need legal help..

    I started to generate an idea to revolutionize college information and how people obtain it. I have made this idea into a slide show that details how everything will work together, and basically how the site will run. I have recently contacted someone that might be able to help me put this idea...
  10. BF radials?

    http://www.ntb.com/Tire-Detail/BF-GOODRICH/Radial-T-A/206 I am looking for two new tires for the back of the truck and i found these..they look decent, but was seeing if anyone had any reviews on them? I just need something for better traction in the winter, hence why i am only buying two..and...
  11. 31x10.5x5

    I am aware that they will fit on stock rims, with stock life (2k ford ranger supercab). My problem though is that during winter time i get horrible traction with my back tires (RWD) but not the front tires grabbing for turning. Would it be sensible to put 31x10.5x5's on the back, and keep my...
  12. "Attempt to reset the display driver and recover from timeout failed"

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813135283R (motherboard) http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814150521&Tpk=HD-687A-ZDFC (graphics card) I had my graphics card for a week, then sent it back because it kept on giving me the blue screen of death, labeled...
  13. Improving my run time

    Tomorrow i am going to take the asvab test for the Air Force. I scored a 66 on the pre-test today, which i have been told isn't too bad. One thing that has me worried about joining though is the fact that i am not really in shape. In order to pass BT i have to be able to run a 1.5 mile within...
  14. 205/55/16

    I know nothing about tires..but someone offered me a set of these, and they look pretty new..20$ a piece. Would they fit on a stock 00 ranger?
  15. need help around glen spey ny 12737

    I need help getting my o2 sensor (passenger side) off so i can replace it. Anyone around my area at all?
  16. Traveling from Sidney Ohio to Syracuse New York

    on this friday, and was seeing if anyone needs something taken that is on the way there. If it is a bit out of the way, i will ask for some gas money..but let me know. I leave 6/10, but no idea on the time. If i don't hear anything by Friday at noon, ill close this.
  17. NY inspections?

    I am moving to Syracuse in three days, but i won't be registering the truck with the state of new york until July (current insurance is up then). I was curious to see what all they do to pass your car so you can get it licensed and such?
  18. Ohio house laws?

    I live with my parents, and pay 100$ a rent a month. My step dad is a dick, so more than likely i will be kicked out of the house sometime soon. I am moving out in June, on the 11th to Syracuse New York for good. I don't want to pay rent for the 11 days, and i don't plan on it. I was informed...
  19. Adding camaro lights to grill...

    Basically, i want more light when i turn on my bright lights, only when i turn on the my bright lights. I looked at all my options, and the cheapest and best looking i found was this...
  20. Gauge acting funny

    I bought a new gauge set from a 2000 explorer from a junk yard for 45$. It worked out great for about two weeks, but then it started doing this..can anyone tell me why? I still have the other cluster that i could probably use the speedometer motor from, if you think that will work.. View My Video

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