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  1. armadillon

    Armadillon test

  2. armadillon

    Another noob 44 thread

    Look up D44 exploded views. I just rebuilt mine and it helped quite a bit. Be sure to find the one for your year.
  3. armadillon

    2011 Clip Swap Parts List

    I got bored recently. I rearended someone in my 93 ranger about a year ago and I've been thinking of doing the new clip swap. Guess what? RockAuto sells 2011 front clip pieces. After reading the tech article on the clip swap, I made a part number list of just about everything you'd need...
  4. armadillon

    Starting my sas swap. Have questions

    Most men don't shorten what they already have haha
  5. armadillon

    Starting my sas swap. Have questions

    Plum, you're just jeal :)
  6. armadillon

    best price for Dana 60s?

    Um, what are you asking? I think you're bragging, not asking.
  7. armadillon

    Spark plug damage identification

    Anyone know what can cuasr this buildup on a plug? All other plugs looked healthy. Sent from my SGH-I747 using Tapatalk
  8. armadillon

    Starting my sas swap. Have questions

    I still find it strange that other states ticket for being too wide. I understand being wider than a lane, but you're still driving a standard width vehicle even if its full size. Bah I guess were just luckier here in Tejas. Sent from my SGH-I747 using Tapatalk
  9. armadillon

    Starting my sas swap. Have questions

    Oh and yes, as AgPete said, full width is the way to go ;)
  10. armadillon

    Starting my sas swap. Have questions

    Bah, get the whole thing and repair the body damage. Of course I love the challenge of a SAS but if it's just body damage....keep it rollin!
  11. armadillon

    Safety Question: Truck sitting only on springs

    I have a question which depending on the outcome may make my life a bit easier. I'm currently planning my draglink and trackbar while waiting for my RuffStuff brackets and my pitman from PlumCrazy. So far it seems everyone says it's best to mock these up when the truck is sitting at ride...
  12. armadillon

    How big of an engine can I go on a dana 44 ttb?

    That'll come down to the coil springs you use. The 6BT is about 1100-1150 lbs. A 4.0 is...5-600? (Someone please correct me on that. )
  13. armadillon

    How big of an engine can I go on a dana 44 ttb?

    He's asking if it's too much power, not too little. I say nay, it's not too much power.
  14. armadillon

    How big of an engine can I go on a dana 44 ttb?

    The main factor is going to be how you drive it and what kind of stresses you're applying to the axles. The Dana 44 came in the 1995 Dodge 2500. Now, I'm no Dodge expert, but I'm 95% sure the 5.9 was an option. Just did a quick check on VatoZone/OReilly/Advance, and that seems to be a yes...
  15. armadillon

    Expo 8.8, FW 8.8, or 9?

    This is incredibly old...but I figured I would answer now that I'm back from my soul-searching hiatus :) I believe FW offers more stability, the stance looks meaner to me, and I can look out my window and see exactly where my tires are (Like an F1 car if you will). Not only that, I don't have...
  16. armadillon

    eb d44 question

    Best place to start is the tech library under "Dana 44" and then check out build threads.
  17. armadillon

    Which Dana 44???

    I could have sworn the TL had info on all the axles, but I just checked and it discussed the Waggy D44. The reason you're finding good deals on the non-Ford axles is because they aren't as desirable. If you havent read the entire article it's well worth it. In my opinion, find the specific...
  18. armadillon

    Ford 8.8 fell from 5' will it be ok?

    If the axle isn't replaced, you have one choice. Wheel the hell out of it and just find out. It's an 8.8. If this one is blasted it won't be that difficult to find another. Do what you normally would have for a JY axle, check/replace seals and bearings and move on.
  19. armadillon

    Ford Dana 44 RA ?

    Yeah, apparently thats the new tapatalk. Can't do it on mine either. I think when I get home I'll goahead and bolt the arms together and test fit the perches. If drilling is required i don't think it'll be too big a deal, but I certainly appreciate the heads up. Good luck with the machining, I...
  20. armadillon

    Ford Dana 44 RA ?

    I dont know if this helps as those are eb pedestals. It looks like those pedestals will sit perfectly on there so I think big bronco radius caps have the holes spaced a little farther out. :/

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