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  1. '95 ranger

    What I've been up to

    With me recently losing my job, my truck will be on the back burner until I can sell my car. But, here's a few pics of what my STX looks like currently
  2. '95 ranger

    Can I get a 4/5?

    Pretty please? I'll give you some internetz:icon_twisted::headbang:
  3. '95 ranger

    '95s '07 Build.

    Well guys, I finally sold my FX4 and I picked up this one, 2007 4cyl 5 speed (30 mpg yo) and it's about to get the stormtroop treatment. I have a few parts leftover from my other truck and some other stuff. 2" Lowering springs Stuff leftover from my FX4 And once I get it lowered, she's...
  4. '95 ranger

    4.0 manual

    I'm trying to find out what transmission my truck has. It's an 03 4.0 with a five speed and manual transfer case. I know it's an m50d but what would the ID number be on it? I know I could just look at it, but it's at the Ford dealership right now and they can't seem to find one. Please help. If...
  5. '95 ranger

    Dfdub meet!

    Planning a meet for this weekend in DFW. All of the details are in the link. Hope to see you there! http://z11.invisionfree.com/Rangers_of_Texas/index.php?showtopic=293&st=0
  6. '95 ranger

    Cheapskate Lowering

    well if you're REAL dumb, you could do this for free! That's my old truck. I took the middle leaf spring out. I don't suggest it.
  7. '95 ranger

    Late night/ dirty truck photoshoot.

    I was driving past a parking garage and said screw it, I'm gonna take some pictures.
  8. '95 ranger

    Clean pics of the FX4

    I just realized that I haven't posted pics of my truck in a while so after I detailed it, I snapped some pictures. Not much new since last time, I tinted my windows and added some lime green accents. Tell me what you think. You can't see it here, but my diff cover is lime green also. Emblems
  9. '95 ranger

    Let's see what's out there....

    Hard to believe I never posted a picture of my old truck... R.I.P.
  10. '95 ranger

    going from jailbroken iPhone to updated...

    As the title states, I had my iPhone jailbroken iPhone and I was trying to update it to the new OS but something went screwy and it deleted ALL of my apps and ALL of my music and now the bottom portion of the touch screen wont work? Also it'll say the sim card isn't in there sometimes. It's...
  11. '95 ranger

    Thinkin about selling the FX4

    I know, I know, but you just got this truck? Well ever since I got it (April) I've had to replace the front driveshaft, $900 and put in a clutch, $1100. Now I have a noise in the front diff and I can't afford to do anything else to it since I'll be in college next year, and I haven't nailed down...
  12. '95 ranger

    Help! my truck is making a weird noise when clutch is pressed in

    I put in a stereo a while back but I didn't hook up the memory wire, so I decided to try and figure out what was going on, it took me all day to figure out a fricken fuse was blown but I didn't have any money so I took a fuse out of the 33 spot and put it into the 20 spot and everything worked...
  13. '95 ranger

    FINALLY some fricken rain in East Texas

    do you know what rain makes? MUD! I sprayed the hell out of my buddy... (thats me)
  14. '95 ranger

    Max trax

    Anyone heard of these? they look pretty well built, but I'm still a skeptic https://www.maxtrax.com.au/ video of them doing work <object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/REW5CpdI77E&hl=en_US&fs=1&"></param><param name="allowFullScreen"...
  15. '95 ranger

    cheapest way to fit 33s (w/o body lift)

    I found a good deal on some 33s and I need a way to get 33s under my 03 FX4 without doing a body lift (just because I don't like body lifts) I thought about torsion keys but Idk how much they lift, and I heard about doing an add-a-leaf to lift the rear. any thoughts?
  16. '95 ranger

    cheap mod day...

    yesterday I just randomly really wanted to work on my 5th gen but I didn't have much money, sooo.... Headlight mod Painted my diff cover, probably should've taped it off but you live you learn right? Smoked 3rd brake light..
  17. '95 ranger

    trouble with the Headlight mod

    hey guys, I was attempting the headlight mod but it seems that the glue is not releasing. I got my instructions http://www.generation-edge.info/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=641 <there. and I put them in for the same amount of time as they said but it won't budge. can I get some help?
  18. '95 ranger

    2003 FX4 Level II

    got a new truck, twin sticks FTMFW!!! Both of my babies in the barn
  19. '95 ranger

    Title transfer from louisiana to Texas

    I gots a question, I found THE truck I want but the only thing is it's out of state, what would it take to the title transfered from Louisiana to Texas and also to get it registered here?
  20. '95 ranger

    East Texas Meet:

    Had a good time hanging out, chillin and grillin here's pics

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