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  1. shane96ranger

    My 98 Expy Project

    My Buddy that owns a transmission shop had a customer drop off a 98 Expedition and a used trans and t-case at his shop. The original trans a transfer case were both had broken cases. He installed the trans and transfer case, and that was the last he saw of them. After sitting for 3 years, he...
  2. shane96ranger

    Another question for the Ford techs

    My 06 Escape has a brake pedal "creak". It doesn't do it 100% of the time, but it's a little more frequent when the temp is hotter outside. My Wife says the brakes don't feel as good as they used to, although they feel fine to me.... but I drive a Fox Body Mustang, so dragging a stick out the...
  3. shane96ranger

    A/C help required on my F150

    The other day I noticed my A/C compressor had a little green stuff dripping off of it. At first I thought it was anti-freeze, and then I smelled it. No sir, that was PAG oil. Thus far I've had zero issues with the A/C. It gets the cab cold like a meat locker, same as always. So I am pretty...
  4. shane96ranger

    2008 PSD has no boost

    My BIL has an 08 F350 6.4 PSD that is not getting boost. Right when it happened the "drive to clean exhaust" filter message appeared. This thing is a danger on the road to even drive.... can't go over 45 mph. I am a simpleton when it comes to diesels .... any ideas what I can check? No CEL...
  5. shane96ranger

    Tired of messing with this Escape. Listen to video - what is it?

    This is bearing number 3 we have replaced in my Brothers Escape. Is there anything I haven't thought of, that could produce this sound? As you can tell, it gets worse when the wheel goes to the left, and disappears when it goes right. Also replaced the CV axle, and it didn't change. Rotating the...
  6. shane96ranger

    Any thoughts on grounding my radiator?

    I was cruising around in the forum I just joined (it sucks) for F150's. While reading this, keep in mind the OEM radiator lasted 208,000 miles - and I don't think my heater core has been changed (knock on wood). I read on the F150 forum that the heater core on my F150 is grounded from the...
  7. shane96ranger

    Ford Racing water pump questions

    My Edelbrock pump took a crap on me (see my video), so I obviously need a new pump. I've been looking around for a high volume pump, and the most cost effective piece I can find is the Ford Racing M-8501-C50 pump. One hesitation I have is this pump says it "provides good flow and pressure...
  8. shane96ranger

    My Escape rear wiper doesn't work. Ideas?

    As some of you may know, I've got an 06 Escape. My rear wiper does not work - and I'm finally getting around to working on it. I've found that going to the wiper there is the 3 wire harness. I'm getting 12 volts there across the ground and center wire (brown I think), and I assume there is...
  9. shane96ranger

    Question on Auto Hubs before I sell them

    I took the auto hubs off my Ranger, and put manual hubs on. As man of you know, the Ranger was too small so I sold it and got an F150. Well, these auto hubs keep staring at me when I'm in my shed - and they say "sell me". So my question is, can I bench test these to make sure they work before...
  10. shane96ranger

    Car show pics

    I took some pics of some of the cars I liked at the car show tonight. Enjoy..... This Shelby has nearly 600,000 miles on it. The Shelby has 8 single barrel carbs This is my buddies' Dads ride
  11. shane96ranger

    Autozone free (random) upgrade on brakes? Anyone else get this?

    My Escape's brakes have been making some racket for a week or two, so I replaced them today. I originally bought the cheaper Durlast pads, which were not so great and didn't last very long. I flirted with upgrading to the Duralast Gold pads, but decided this will be the last time I'm putting...
  12. shane96ranger

    Does anyone have/had a tent trailer? Opinions and advice please

    I'm gearing up to be in the market for a tent trailer in the next couple months (or now if I find a deal). My Mustang takes the priority parking spot, so I don't have any room for a larger trailer. So my option becomes a tent trailer. I've never owned one, never had much experience with them, so...
  13. shane96ranger

    My fishing trip

    I took my family fishing yesterday. We caught a total of 6 rainbow trout, and this is the only one I caught. It was a 2 pounder, and was 16 inches long. Made for a nice dinner last night :D
  14. shane96ranger

    Well, it WAS a rotor....

    I went to the local Tear-A-Part today, and found what used to be a rotor on a late 90's Lincoln Continental. I thought I'd share the photo I took. I'm not sure how the owner couldn't feel/hear/see that this thing was shot.
  15. shane96ranger

    Sharing an experience I had with Eastwood

    I ordered the POR-15 Starter Kit from Eastwood via Ebay. It arrived and the Metal Ready had leaked a little in the box, and got on the foam brush (eating away some of the foam) that comes in the kit. I contacted them merely to ask if the Metal Ready was sensitive to being exposed to the air...
  16. shane96ranger

    Advice needed on "how to/what with" for my radiator support

    When I was changing the front diff fluid on my 97 F150 Saturday, I glanced up and noticed my radiator support is every shade of rusty - to the point where it's going to be dangerous before long. So, I get the great experience of putting a new core support in this pig. Has anyone on here done...
  17. shane96ranger

    97-03 F150 Intake Mod - not ricer

    Sorry if you read this on post on my F150 thread, I thought it might get more views here. I was doing some reading on these things (in a quest for better mpg's) and came across a very interesting mod. The factory intake has a snorkel thing on it with a diameter of maybe 2 inches. The mod is to...
  18. shane96ranger

    Plug wires for 4.6 F150 (maybe 5.4), get 'em cheaper

    I noticed the plug wires that are F150 specific were about $61 dollars at Rock Auto for the original set (Motorcraft WR5934). But I had also noticed the 97 Mustang wires (Motorcraft WR5938) were $31 a set. So I did some more research and found that if you buy certain aftermarket sets, they are...
  19. shane96ranger

    Motocraft Spark Plug Codes

    I don't know if anyone else may find this Motorcraft Spark Plug Code chart useful. I sure did:
  20. shane96ranger

    My Die Cast Collection

    I don't have photos of all of them yet. In fact, just one. But this one is my favorite die cast car I own. It has felt for carpet, and actually has plug wires. The tires are rubber. It also has an antenna, which I failed to put in before I snapped the photos. It's a little dusty..... oops...

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