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  1. steering shaft relocation 87 ranger

    I have an 87 ranger that I'm getting ready to put a 460 into. I have cut the firewall back and have plenty of room forwards to rear but my only issue now is building headers to clear the steering shaft. if I move the steering shaft over an inch or two it would help a lot so is there a manual...
  2. 87 ranger big block swap questions

    I have an 87 ranger with a 69 mustang 302 that I've been driving for a while now and have decided it's not enough motor. I've decided I want the only ranger in town with a big block. what works for motor mounts for a 460? and are there any aftermarket headers that fit or will it have to be...
  3. Dana 44 ttb

    I have a chance to get 95 f150 running gear for next to nothing. I don't want to cut the axles down like it says in the tech library so any advice on how to mount them full width? thanks
  4. np208 bolts

    I've been compiling my parts for my 351 swap for about 6 months now and I'm getting ready to do the swap when I realized I lost the bolts to my np208 tcase to the tailhousing. does anyone know what the thread size is on these?
  5. 460 questions

    I'm currently in the process of doing a 351 swap in a 97 ranger and got to thinking if I'm doing a swap like this why not go bigger? I've built a few chevotas but am new to swapping fords. I have a few questions about a 460, such as steering shaft clearance and how to cool it enough to be a...
  6. 351w m50dr2

    I've recently picked up a m50dr2 to use with my 351 swap out of a 96 f150. just wondering into what sort of issues I'll run into. I've heard of the shifter being too far forward so how would I fix that? and will a np205 tcase mate up without issues? thanks
  7. 79 bronco Dana 44 radius arm mount

    I've recently decided I wanted to full width swap my ranger so I went and bought a 79 Dana 44 out of a bronco. with the casted wedges on the axle I was wondering if the radius arms would be too far out to mount on the inside of my frame. this is my first sas and any help is appreciated
  8. 351w headers help

    so I ended up going and getting an engine from a guy who told me it was a 302. this engine was to be put into a 97 ford ranger but after I got home I pulled the intake manifold and it's a 351w. this build is going to be 4wd and I have the stock 1983 exhaust manifolds and don't think they'll...
  9. 302 swap clutch linkage help

    I'm going to be starting a 302 swap in my 97 ranger here pretty soon and seem to have everything figured out except for the clutch. I will be using a sm435 I think. it has mechanical clutch linkage and I don't know how to make this work with my clutch pedal. any help?
  10. manual swap neutral safety

    I recently did a manual swap on my 97 ranger and now it won't start with the key. I can start it by touching the starter wires but not when I turn the key. is there any way to bypass the neutral safety?
  11. 98 ecu in a 95 engine

    I'm wanting to do a manual swap with a 98 parts truck into my 97 auto with a 95 engine in it. Both are the 4.0 and was told because the fuel pressures are different for the two engines I might need a different one. I've looked everywhere online and can't find anything on it. Any help is appreciated.
  12. 98 tranny in a 97

    I have a 97 ford ranger auto tranny with a 95 4.0 and I recently bought a 98 ranger parts truck that was wrecked with a manual tranny in it. It also has the 4.0. I decided I wanted to swap the manual into my auto truck but I've read that they should be the same year trucks. I've never done this...

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