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  1. armadillon

    Armadillon test

  2. armadillon

    2011 Clip Swap Parts List

    I got bored recently. I rearended someone in my 93 ranger about a year ago and I've been thinking of doing the new clip swap. Guess what? RockAuto sells 2011 front clip pieces. After reading the tech article on the clip swap, I made a part number list of just about everything you'd need...
  3. armadillon

    Spark plug damage identification

    Anyone know what can cuasr this buildup on a plug? All other plugs looked healthy. Sent from my SGH-I747 using Tapatalk
  4. armadillon

    Safety Question: Truck sitting only on springs

    I have a question which depending on the outcome may make my life a bit easier. I'm currently planning my draglink and trackbar while waiting for my RuffStuff brackets and my pitman from PlumCrazy. So far it seems everyone says it's best to mock these up when the truck is sitting at ride...
  5. armadillon

    7.3L IDI swap over on Pirate

    I know, I know, I'm linking another forum. I just thought the build is hilarious. It's such a junky but awesome build. If you haven't seen it already gents, this guy is doing a 7.3IDI and doing a D50TTB in a ranger. I would have certainly gone a different route, but he's too far in now ;)...
  6. armadillon

    Check my brake line math/part numbers!

    Aight duders, this is what I've found. Please check me if ya don't mind. Keep in mind, front is a 79' Bronco FW D44, rear is Ford 9" from the same truck. Truck should be lifted about 6" when done. These are Oreilly Auto part numbers I think I'll need: Front right: BH36837 Front...
  7. armadillon

    Who is stuck working today?

    Yup. I got the shaft. Apparently people need insurance on their toys on Labor Day. So I'm writing policies. Joy! Who else got the shaft?
  8. armadillon

    Ford 9 Backing Plates Interchangeable?

    I've searched through Tech and everywhere on Pirate and here on TRS for this. I bought my Ford 9" rear without backing plates/drums. I was going to disc conversion, but I'm going to stick with drum. I'm going to go pull the backing plates from a junkyard, but I'm not hopeful finding the 9"...
  9. armadillon

    Armadillon's FW Ranger D44/Ford 9"

    Looky what's coming in on Thursday from Maine... Yup.
  10. armadillon

    I love America.

  11. armadillon

    Upgrading my truck.

    Came across a set I was gonna install. Should work pretty well with my 3.0. http://www.oreillyauto.com/site/c/detail/EB00/121G.oap?keyword=121g in tandem with this: http://www.oreillyauto.com/site/c/detail/EB00/121GMF.oap?keyword=121gmf
  12. armadillon

    Ford 9" Nine Inch Disc Brake Conversion

    Apologies in advance for linking to Pirate4x4 and other sites. I noticed there is lots of unlinked information out there and I wanted to throw this out to be helpful. This is NOT a step by step article, it's meant as basic guidance and theory to how the conversion is accomplished. For...
  13. armadillon

    Upper cloth part of door panel/arm rest

    Hey guys, just thought I'd throw this up here and maybe help some peeps out. On my 93 Ranger the door panel has 3 different sections. The black door handle panel, the actual big door panel itself, and that cloth covered panel. I normally drive with my right hand on the steering wheel and my...
  14. armadillon

    Make sure you get paid when you wreck your truck

    Hey y'all, I just wanted to mention something. I was doing some searching and I came across a couple of threads where people wrecked their truck :bawling:. I saw a few comments like "Aw insurance never pays enough for the work you put in" or "nah they didn't pay, I just had liability" blah blah...
  15. armadillon

    Sweet! Not a Junior Member anymore! /eom

    This forum is pretty fun and it makes my work day fly by. Definitely enjoying owning a Ranger :)
  16. armadillon

    Expo 8.8, FW 8.8, or 9?

    My brother, who is far more experienced with the SA world than I am (Dr.Danger on Pirate4x4) is recommending I do the full-width 9 with a FW D44 up front. He also has 2 Expo 8.8s lying around and I can get one from him. Was wondering if I should do the 9 in the rear (seems a little harder to...
  17. armadillon

    Frustrated about the Urgent Help Thread

    I'm frustrated about some posts in the Urgent Help thread. If you find the fix to your problem, please post the solution or at least what became of your situation. I hate reading a story and then it's unfinished. It's in the forum sticky too... :bawling:
  18. armadillon

    Headliner Fabric

    I went to Joann's fabric here in Austin, TX and they have headliner material on sale! They had black, charcoal, grey, and beige. It's identical to headliner with the soft weakass fabric covering the itty bitty thick foam. It was something like 5-6' wide and $13 a yard. Basically a yard and a...
  19. armadillon

    Thoughts on some rust repair

    I had some rust eating through the area right above the drip rails on my cab. Looks like somebody tried shoving Bondo into the holes and didn't realize that it wouldn't stop the rust. I removed the headliner and could see where the rust stopped inside. After cutting out sections of the drip...
  20. armadillon

    Can't find the High Pressure connector

    I have a 93 Ranger 3.0 2wd and I replaced the o tube, compressor, and accumulator. I snagged the big hose that bolts to the back of the compressor from the junkyard. I went ahead and clipped the connector for the HP switch and took it with me just in case. Problem is, I cant find the connector...

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