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  1. Hardwareman

    You guys got to see this.....hahaha!

    http://sandiego.craigslist.org/csd/cto/1080787511.html I think it looks pretty wierd but looks like someone spent some time doing it you know? Allen
  2. Hardwareman

    SkyJacker coils are black now?

    I just bought a new set of 6" SkyJacker coils for my Ranger online and they came in today. I opened the box expecting them to be red but they were black! Is this the new color they are or do you need to specify? Thanks Allen
  3. Hardwareman

    Changed my bushings today. All I can say is.....WOW!

    I changed out my axle pivot bushings and radius arm bushings today. I also changed out my front brake rotors and wheel bearings, installed new pads and spindle lock nut set. What a difference it made! I had a little play in my steering wheel......GONE! I felt every bump in the...
  4. Hardwareman

    Need Help Asap! Going To Autozone After I Get An Answer!

    I'm working on my Ranger today. Putting on new rotors, pads, wheel bearings, radius arm bushings, etc. When I removed the axle pivot bolts one of the axle pivot bushings was really chewed up! I ended up getting it off by pounding it out with a hammer. There's a metal sleeve inside and outside...
  5. Hardwareman

    Question about my 8.8

    I just recently bought an 8.8 axle for my Ranger and was wondering if someone could tell me if it's a 28 or 31 splined axle. I'm considering buying a traction device for it and this info would help.....lol Allen
  6. Hardwareman

    Bad gear box?

    I've been feeling every bump in the road for as long as I can remember in my Ranger and was told by shops even that my balljoints are ok. I've noticed a little play in the steering wheel as well so I finally got under it right now while I was changing my rear diff fluid and engine oil. I grabbed...
  7. Hardwareman

    Pressure plate resurfacing

    Are pressure plates kind of like brake rotors in like they can only be turned so many times? If so how many times can one be resurfaced? Thanks Allen
  8. Hardwareman

    Did I get lucky?

    I've been running my new swapped 8.8 axle that I installed this past Saturday and assumed there was gear oil in it. I've been running it for almost a week! I decided to check it right now and it was 3 quarts low! No noises or anything, I just decided to have a look because my buddy told me...
  9. Hardwareman

    Look at what I picked up Saturday!

    It's an 8.8 with a heavy duty MAC diff cover, 4.56 gears, and a posi. It's ready to be bolted into the Ranger! [/IMG] [/IMG] Allen
  10. Hardwareman

    PCM has a ground right?

    I was wondering if anyone knows where the PCM is grounded to? I've heard that the PCM has it's own ground. Is that right? I've pretty much replaced all of the ground wires on my Ranger, battery cables, alternator cable, starter, etc. It's a 95 with the 2.3 and has a manual tranny. Thanks in...
  11. Hardwareman

    Are 2000 2.5 fuel injectors larger then 1995 2.3 fuel injectors?

    Like the title says. I have'nt been able to find anything on this and was wondering if the fuel injectors out of the 2.5 (2000) would be larger then the fuel injectors in a 1995 2.3 Thanks Allen
  12. Hardwareman

    Can I install gears without the tools?

    I need a replacement rear axle because mine's bent up pretty good and I ended up finding a replacement out of a 97 4-banger for $125.00 I'm pretty sure the gearing in the donor does'nt have 4.56's like I do in my current axle. Can I just transfer over the gears with the shims and everything...
  13. Hardwareman

    Found out my axle is bent...anyone have a cheap axle for sale around SoCAl?

    I just found the root of my vibrating problem. My axle (rear) is bent pretty bad. The junkyards around here want around $200 for one if they even have one. I don't remember seeing one actually the last time I was there. Since I need a replacement I guess I'll look for an 8.8" too. I'll need to...
  14. Hardwareman

    What could be causing my Ranger to feel like it's always riding on a washboard road?

    My Ranger is having a really bad problem with the way it drives on the highway and it seems to be getting worse. Everything's vibrating inside when driving down the highway and it does'nt do it at any particular speed. It's like the suspension is too stiff or something. The steering wheel...
  15. Hardwareman

    CEL has'nt come on in 3 days! YAY!!!

    Don't want to jump the gun yet again but the CEL has'nt come on in about three days now and I've put about 500-600 miles on her since the last time I erased the DTC's. All I did was swap plug wires from cylinder #1 to cylinder #2 to see if the code would follow, but since I did that there...
  16. Hardwareman

    It happened again..........CODE P0301!!!

    Well I bought a new MAF sensor last night to the tune of $110.00 and left for work this morning. My CEL started flashing again so I turned around and came back home to check what the code was. Sure enough it was the dreaded P0301 that I've been getting for a while now. I removed the MAF sensor...
  17. Hardwareman


    I think I may have found my problem! I followed your guys advice (thank you very much btw) and started by checking to see if there was a leak after the MAF sensor. I did'nt find any so I went ahead and removed the MAF sensor. I actually unbolted it from the housing and looked at it. IT DID have...
  18. Hardwareman

    P0301 code gone! Now code P0171! Please help me!!!

    Well my CEL came on a day or two ago and the Ranger has still been running really rough and misfiring occasionally. I "HAD" a misfire cylinder #1 code but I guess I fixed that because it's been gone for about a week now. OR it could actually be that too much fuel is being dumped into the engine...
  19. Hardwareman

    Is this a decent OBDII scanner to buy?

    I basically need a scanner at this point, and since AutoZone has decided to no longer scan vehicles in California is this a decent one for the money? Thanks http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/ctaf/displayitem.taf?Itemnumber=98614 Allen
  20. Hardwareman

    I can't believe it! I don't know what I did, but now my Ranger idles good!

    For those of you that know I've been having a little bit of an idle problem. Whenever I came to a stop light or stop sign my Ranger would idle good for about 20 seconds or so and then drop in rpm's badly. Then when I would drive it to the next light or stop sign it would do it over and over...

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