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  1. Redneckryder

    I think I am too tall....

    Got an 05...Everytime I get in, I bump my head off the door jam. Then, as I drive, my head rubs on the roof. Has anyone run into this problem, and what do I do to fix it??
  2. Redneckryder

    Got a new ranger.....again.....LOL

    So, I used to see you guys post on here that you have owned 5 or 6 rangers, and I was like "Damn....you're obsessed." So I am buying my 6th one saturday....LOL. My question to my fellow obsessed owners is...What is your favorite year? I have owned a 92, 93, 95, (2) 01, and I am buying an...
  3. Redneckryder

    95 2wd 2.3 quit...no spark or fuel??

    This one is throwing me for a loop. My truck sat all winter, spring came around and it fired right up. Drove it back and forth to work for a week, no problem. Went to the store on Sunday morning, as I turned in, it died. No stumble, no surge, no anything. Like I turned off the key. I have...
  4. Redneckryder

    Help me, smarter than me people!!

    1995 2wd ex cab 2.3 5-speed. Been sitting all winter, threw a battery in and she fired right up. Been driving it for about a week, filled it up with gas Saturday, and drove 20 miles each way to work and then home. Sunday morning, I go to the store to get breakfast, and as I pull in, it dies...
  5. Redneckryder

    Explorer rear axle lowering?

    I am putting a 5.0 in my Ranger, and I have been told that the 7.5 rear is going to explode behind it. I have an 8.8 out of an explorer, which is spring under as you all know. I want to just throw it under my truck, as I want to lower it anyways, and keep it spring under. Is there any reason...
  6. Redneckryder

    Droppin my 95...tryin to do my homework.

    I have a 1995 2wd ex cab. As of now, it has a 4cyl and 5 speed. I am buying a mustang with a crate 5.0 and a t5. Guess where that's going? Yup, right in that engine bay. At the same time, I want to drop it and put some new rims, either 17 or 18 inch on it. I have done enough research to...
  7. Redneckryder

    Lowered 96 ranger questions

    Ok...Little late, but my .02 cents..... The rocking axle....I have an idea. I see daylight between pad and spring on one side, not the other. Seeing the half-assed way he did things, I am guessing the perches are probably a couple degrees off each other. You might want to check that out....
  8. Redneckryder

    Almost a build thread!!!!

    Startin to get my crap together to build my truck. Just picked up a 2.3 turbo motor out of a XR4Ti---complete with full wiring harness, and computer. Dude even threw in a Saab intercooler. Now I need to concentrate on the rear axle. The open 7.5 needs updated. I found a 8.8 out of a t-bird...
  9. Redneckryder

    Bench seat/sub box in Ex-cab ranger....?

    My new endeavor.....I want a couple subs in my truck. I don't crank them, but they add to the rock sound, and I like them. Problem is, I have kids that occupy the seats in back, so a big bulky box is out of the question. I saw a guy on Craigslist about a year ago selling a custom box that ran...
  10. Redneckryder

    Electrical gremlin...help?

    Ok all you Ranger guru's out there.....I got one for ya. I have a 95, 2wd, 2.3 5 speed ex cab short bed. About a week ago, battery started to lose power (Slower cranking over the course of a week) and finally went dead while I was at work. I got it started, drove it around for over an hour, and...
  11. Redneckryder

    Ok...personal opinions?

    I am going to SAS my truck...this much I know. Now on to the hard part. There are 4 options out there, as most of you know. Ford TTB Dana 35, Jeep D30, EB D30 or D44, or fullwidth. I realize everyone has their own opinions, and most of you have sas'd already. Please respond as to why you...
  12. Redneckryder

    A-pillar tach?

    I searched, googled, bing'd.....got one picture of a rigged tach screwed to the roof. Has anyone put a tach on their A-pillar? If so, do you like it there? Pictures would be awesome, testimonials....please?
  13. Redneckryder

    Sup guys?

    So,not new to rangers, but new to the 4 banger world. I am getting a '95 ex-cab next weekend. Ex-cab, short bed, 5 speed, with a little bitty engine. :annoyed: Gonna have ALOT of questions for ya.....stay tuned.
  14. Redneckryder

    Input please?

    So,I have a '94 suburban. I know, I know....Stupid....but it was cheap, and I got 3 kids, so I thought it was a good idea. Well, it dont have a back seat, nor does it have the shit to put the rear seat in it. So, I am trying to sell it. Guy emails me, asking if I want to trade for a '95...
  15. Redneckryder

    Frikkin stoked!!!

    So, we filed our taxes...........and I got permission to build my truck when they come in!!! AND-------I got a call today. No more $9.50 an hour temp job. Starting monday, I am a welder/fabricator by trade. I am now doing what I love and getting paid for it!!!:icon_welder: Life is good...
  16. Redneckryder

    So, I got an idea.

    This had to have been thought of/done before, but I searched this site and didn't see anything about it. I have the opportunity to buy a 68 bronco chassis. It comes with engine (289), tranny (3 speed manual) and t-case (dana 20), as well as the axles. I also have the chance to buy a ranger...
  17. Redneckryder

    Swap cost?

    I searched---couldn't find what I was looking for. Does anyone have a ballpark cost of doing a 5.0 swap? I have a 93 STX I wanna put a 302 into. I am going to go through it, make sure everything looks good. Other than that, just re-gasket it and new oil pump and pan. That cost will be...
  18. Redneckryder

    My plans for my truck....in case anyone has any input.

    So, I got a 93 stx ex-cab 4x4. When it's done (Are they ever really done??) I plan on having a 5.0, 5 speed and tcase out of a f-150 in it. I plan on having to build my own tranny x-member for that. :icon_welder: Mild build on the 5.0, keep it injected, etc etc. D30 front axle, keep the 8.8...
  19. Redneckryder

    Love the 4.0, but....

    This engine has issues. Biggest one is an intermittent hesitation/loading up feeling. Take off, and it feels like you are hauling a huge trailer behind you. Get to about 2000-2300 rpm, and whatever it is breaks free, and it goes like a bat outta hell. If it did it all the time, I wouldn't be...
  20. Redneckryder

    93 stx issues

    My truck has issues, that I am aware of. It's the issues that it just recently started having that annoy me. The vibration at low speed that goes away when I push in the clutch...the tires setting their own air pressure....that kind of stuff. The big one is this: 4.0, 5 speed, 4x4. When I...

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