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  1. planeflyer21

    Torsion Bar Delete?

    What options are there for getting rid of the torsion bar suspension on the front of my '99 4x4 Ranger? Some years back I bought a coilover conversion kit (basically just the mounts for the coils and shocks). However, those shocks seem to have gone up quite a bit in this economy. After having...
  2. planeflyer21

    2nd Fuel Tank

    Howdy everyone. Not sure where to post this. Mods, please move it if there's a better spot. I'm considering putting a 2nd fuel tank on my 1999 Ranger supercab. Somehow I got it in my head that a '85+ Bronco II fuel tank will fit between the frame, where the factory spare tire carrier used to...
  3. planeflyer21

    M5ODR2 Bolt Pattern

    Howdy everyone. I've searched and can't find an answer to this exact question: Will a M5ODR2 from a '95 5.0 Bronco/F150 bolt up to a 4.0 from a '99 Ranger? Thanks!
  4. planeflyer21

    This Was Fun

    These commercials start in 1959. My first (reliable) vehicle was a '59 F100, 292 with 3 on the tree. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBQIyPj3zlk
  5. planeflyer21

    Boxing In The Frame

    Has anyone fully boxed in their Ranger frame? If so what are the advantages and disadvantages? Thanks! Jon
  6. planeflyer21

    Ranger GT Inspiration?

    I've never heard of this special production (aftermarket) Mustang, the Mustero: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1l5LTnPHNXY
  7. planeflyer21

    Width vs Height

    I'm not sure if anyone would have an answer or not but... If the rule of thumb says a lifted Ranger 4x4 can handle a 33x12.5 as the largest tire, if you go with a more narrow tire, can you increase the diameter/height of the tire? To an extent? Thanks!
  8. planeflyer21

    D35 SLA Locker?

    Like it says, has anyone squeezed a fully selectable diff locker (Eaton, OX, ARB) into a D35 SLA, while the front suspension is still stock? What about with a 4" lift? Stock it is a very tight fit to get a fully rounded diff cover in there, if it is at all possible. I'm not asking about the...
  9. planeflyer21

    Intermittant A/C

    Okay, my '99 Ranger a/c is ice cold. So much so I keep it about 1/3 towards the coldest from the middle. However, now that it is summer, if I need to do 10 minutes on the interstate or longer, the temperature slowly migrates to a warm temperature. It will stay like this at higher...
  10. planeflyer21

    Check Engine Light

    So this burned out apparently, causing the truck to fail emissions. Love little gotch'ya rules of regulation! Anyway, it was a fairly easy fix. After going through the process of removing the instrument cluster (7mm and 8mm sockets required to pull the radio/heater/ac controls, lower plastic...
  11. planeflyer21

    D35 SLA Oil Leak

    After installing the live axles from a '99 Explorer, the passenger side is dripping from where the CV axle and diff housing meet. I need to rotate my tires anyway, so I can take a closer look then. Has anyone else had this issue? Thanks! Jon
  12. planeflyer21

    D35 sla ?

    I know the D35 TTB and SLA are different animals. Will a D35 SLA from a Mountaineer work on a '99 Ranger? Thanks! Jon
  13. planeflyer21


    So at the parts store, I priced upper arm bushings for kicks while there. $14/side but Moog brand were $37/side. Is Moog that much higher in quality? Thanks!
  14. planeflyer21

    Relay On Pos Wire Cluster

    Howdy Everyone, This relay on my '99 3.0 FF appears to be a bit melted from battery acid. What is this called? Thanks! Jon
  15. planeflyer21

    3.0 Metal Radiator?

    I did a search and can only find aftermarket radiator suggestions for the V-8 conversions. Does anyone offer an aluminum radiator with electric fan setup for a '99 3.0? Thanks in advance!
  16. planeflyer21

    Explorer Front Axle Into Ranger?

    As stated, will a front axle from some Explorers swap into my '99 Ranger? I've been looking at switching to the live axle setup but am also shopping for a D35sla center with 4.10 gearing. Many of the axles on eBay and such say they will fit my truck but came out of an Explorer, the only...
  17. planeflyer21

    3rd Brake/Cargo Light LED?

    So after searching for a cure on why my 3rd cab-mounted brake light on my '99 3.0 isn't working, I went out and checked fuse #2. It was intact but dirty. Cleaned it and tested the cargo light. It works! Had the girl press the brake, no worky. Pulled the lens, then pulled out the socket with...
  18. planeflyer21

    Explorer Axle/Hubs Install ?

    So looking at installing the Explorer live spindle on my '99 Range 4x4. I know what the steps are in the sticky link here: http://www.therangerstation.com/tech_library/99hubswap.shtml My question is this: after removing the wheel and hanging the caliper, would it be possible to remove the hub...
  19. planeflyer21

    4D56 A Perfect Swap?

    After doing tons of research on the Cummins 4bt and those engine swaps, I came to the conclusion I don't want to shoehorn that beast into my '99 Ranger. I just discovered the Mitsubishi-powered Rangers from the 1980s. Wouldn't a more modern version be an easy(easier) swap than some of the...
  20. planeflyer21

    Shift Motor Cleaning

    Just like the title says, been having an issue with being stuck in 2-high for awhile on my '99 Ranger and decided to try the tips under the Transfer Case Troubleshooting section. Down by the bottom of the page, the suggestion submitted by roxy33 looked to be worth a try. Sure enough, that was...

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