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  1. Franken5liter

    1st gen floor drain plug part number?

    Arrrgh!!! Helpppp!!!! Haha I’m stuck trying to find replacement plugs for a 1st gen floor pan, 1988 Std Cab 4x4. Any info in terms of part numbers or interchangeable vehicles??? The oval hole bore measures 3” x 1.5” (pic attached) and I cannot find the right one! LMC sold me something that fits...
  2. Franken5liter

    46k mile 1988 Ranger “Outlaw” 4x4 Restomod and Build

    Beginning my build thread for the 88 Ranger 4x4 Std Cab Short Bed I scooped up in GA early summer 2020. Details: 2.9L A4LD auto, high rider optioned XLT, 4.10 LimSlip 7.5 rear, original paint and interior. Restomod plans: gut and clean interior with “new” ‘99 Exp 5.0 Engine and trans with a BW...
  3. Franken5liter

    1988 Mildly sort of rare Shotgun Custom

    Hey All, been awhile since my last login and longer for a post. But skipping the emotional and into the juicy bits. I recently scored what could be a 1 of 1 supposedly done by Kenny Brown sometime back in the late 80’s. My research has turned up zero on him ever building a ranger and haven’t...
  4. Franken5liter

    About finished with Franken5.0 time to say hello

    Well folks, my build is nearing completion. 1999 Ranger 3.0 XLT ext cab with a 2001 5.0 swap. Wow what a ride. Couldn't have gotten even half way without the help of my bro and his tenacity, talent, and his crazy ability to see cars as a Lego set for 4-6 year olds. This place was such a gem of...

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