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  1. smudvapor

    Wiring Help Needed!

    I have been trying to figure this wiring out and I know it is probably something stupid because it all worked before I took the truck apart but I can't figure out what it is. I can hear the relays clicking when I turn the key on and off. I have no lights inside or outside. Nothing is working...
  2. smudvapor

    Wiring help needed.

    The harness that is connected to the ECM and that runs across the engine to the plugs at the firewall has been butchered and repaired over the years. I am trying to figure out a couple of wires on the harness. There are some wires that do not match the other wires that they should plug into...
  3. smudvapor

    For Sale Misc. 1989 Interior parts and wiring.

    I have a dash with cluster, steering column (with ignition key), wiring for under the dash as well as the engine compartment wiring (2.3). I bought a cab to swap and I don't need the parts. Message me and come and get it. I don't have the room so I am only going to post for a couple of days...
  4. smudvapor

    Found! Backing plates needed

    I am rebuilding my Ranger and I need a set of backing plates for a 1983 7.5 rear end. Does anyone have a set? I'm kind of stuck until I locate a set. Thanks.
  5. smudvapor

    Wanted Seat Tracks

    I need a set of seat tracks for both seats for an 88 Reg cab with a 60/40 bench seat. Thanks.
  6. smudvapor

    Time for a restore......again.

    I have owned my Ranger for about 26 years. I rebuilt it a couple of times over the years and it is time for another. I know it is going to cost, I know it isn't anything special, I know it will be a lot of work. I DON"T CARE! I love this truck! It has taken my wife and me through 36 states...
  7. smudvapor

    Found! Wiring harness

    Looking for an under hood wiring harness for an 88 2.9 M/T RWD Ranger. I need the complete harness for everything. Thanks.
  8. smudvapor

    No Spark Problem

    I have an 88 Ranger 2.9 twd 5 speed. I was driving home from work the other day and drove over some train tracks and the engine died. I have no spark. I tested the coil and it is good. (also tried another coil just for fun). I have power to everything else and the fuel pump is running. I...
  9. smudvapor

    Engine runs rough and cat converter is glowing red

    I have an 88 Ranger 2.9 that has been sitting in my garage for about 16 months. It ran fine when we parked it. Now it has a hard time starting and when it does it seems like only about half of the cylinders are firing. I finally got it to idle but after a while the cat converter started...
  10. smudvapor

    Ranger is coming back!

    I just read an article that Ford is bringing back the Ranger! http://www.caranddriver.com/features/2019-ford-ranger-25-cars-worth-waiting-for-feature
  11. smudvapor

    Injector problem

    I have an 88 with a 2.9 manual trans. It used to run fine but has been sitting for a few months while getting body work done and painted. I tried to start it the other day and it sputtered but would not fire. I checked spark and it is good. I checked fuel pressure and it is good. I kept...
  12. smudvapor

    Ever heard of this problem before?

    When I am driving down the road and it is raining or it is cold and I am running my heater blower on high the engine starts to miss. If I turn the heater blower down the miss goes away immediately and runs fine. I checked my charging system and it is charging fine. Where do you think the...
  13. smudvapor

    Engine Noise

    88 2.9 2WD Ranger XLT I rebuilt the engine about 8000 miles ago and everything has been fine. I slowly started to get a ticking from the engine that I thought were lifters. I readjusted them and the noise is still there. I did it again and the noise is still there. I cut the top of a valve...
  14. smudvapor

    Overheating problem

    I cracked a head on the passenger side of the engine. I replaced the head with a new head, new gaskets, bolts etc. I replaced the thermostat and checked to make sure it was in the right way. I flushed the system and replaced the water pump with a new one not a rebuild. I start the engine and...
  15. smudvapor

    Engine Miss

    I have an 88 2.9. I start the truck and it runs very rough like it has a very bad miss. It also blows smoke. After I drive it a few miles it just smooths out and runs great. If it sits and idles for a while it will just all of a sudden start idling rough again. I have checked the wires...
  16. smudvapor

    Engine Miss

    When I start the truck it misses real bad like it is not getting spark to all of the cylinders. I can smell the unburnt fuel while it is running. After I drive it a mile or so the miss goes away and runs great. The miss comes back as soon as I turn it off and restart it. Anybody have a clue...

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