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  1. Elutheros

    Radiator for v8 swap?

  2. Elutheros

    Radiator for v8 swap?

    After I installed Vintage Air AC my '94 Explorer radiator just couldn't do the job. Soooo, I got a 2000 Explorer radiator from the local JY for $35 and installed it. It barely fits between the frame rails on my '92 Ranger and as I already new it hangs 4-5 inches below the frame. I had to do...
  3. Elutheros

    What mounts are the easiest

    I bought the flat steel mounts another member was making for $20 and they fit right on top of the old 4.0 mounts. I had to drill an extra hole to make it work for my application, but I like them. My transmission sits on the original mount and I cut the front core to move the radiator forward 2"...
  4. Elutheros

    Bronco 11 front springs with a 5.0 swap

    I put Skyjacker 2" lift coils on my 1992 and they worked great to put it back to stock height (old coils were dead) with the 5.0 swap.
  5. Elutheros

    AC box with 347 stroker swap

    I just threw the OE A/C away and put a VintageAir system in. It was NOT easy or cheap! Some drawbacks: the system does not draw outside air and if it does due to leaky door/window seal, it will freeze up the evaporator and reduce the efficiency. The ductwork behind the dash does not allow...
  6. Elutheros

    What is this valve/ nub?

    To be just a little more precise, it's the bleeder screw for the clutch slave cylinder in the bell housing of the transmission. The process for bleeding the clutch master cylinder mounted on the firewall forward of the clutch pedal is tedious and time consuming. Bleeding the slave cylinder is a...
  7. Elutheros


    I don't know, but I used Skyjacker 2" lift coils on mine and they worked perfectly.
  8. Elutheros

    Factory a/c

    Or you could join me in this crazy conversion to Vintage Air: The first image is the old system modified to fit the 5.0.
  9. Elutheros

    Bronco V8 fuel injection swap

    I am running the MSPNP2 with my 5.0 and M5ODR2 transmission. On good days cruising at 65mph I can barely get 15.5mpg. Pushing 33 inch tires with a 3.73 rear axle ratio could be part of the problem. I don't hold much hope for higher MPG even with my EFI. Nice work converting yours!
  10. Elutheros

    "Acceptable" levels of filings clinging to Drain Plug magnet? (M5OD)

    When you start finding pieces of bearing cages on there it's about to grenade.
  11. Elutheros

    '91 Ranger 4x4 Manual

    Welcome! You got a great truck there.
  12. Elutheros

    Variable Oil Pressure Gauge Modifiction

    I just happened to have my dash torn apart to install a Vintage Air A/C system so I'm doing the mod on my 1992 and I already had the new sender unit sitting in my spare parts (since it didn't give a trustable reading without the mod I had installed a mechanical gauge). Thanks for the write-up!
  13. Elutheros

    lower radiator hose

    I'm using a universal hose--but will look into using the '90 Mustang GT hose since i currently have the coolant drained to install a Vintage Air system.
  14. Elutheros

    Has anyone used HPTuners and what do you think of doing your own tuning?

    I use Megasquirt MSPNP2 on my 5.0 -- always a steep learning curve, but it gets easier. There are some helpful experts on the Mustang forums. The big benefit is you can just plug it in to the 60 pin EEC IV connector if that's what your using.
  15. Elutheros

    Gen II 5.0 radiator recommendations

    The '91-94 Explorer dual core fits my '92 just fine. Is that what you are using?
  16. Elutheros

    1997 Ford F-150 4.2L M5OD-R2 5speed concerns with transmission

    I'm running the same trans from a 5.0 F-150 in my Ranger and after 40k miles in the Ranger it started shredding bearings ( I have no idea how many miles were on it originally). It was always resistant to fast shifting into 2nd. I replaced it with a rebuilt last year and it's still not a speed...
  17. Elutheros


    When I do my sub-par job of painting(every run and mistake is my signature) my truck I put 2-3 coats on it. The Ranger didn't need clear coat, but the Tacoma did and it's a little on the heavy side.
  18. Elutheros

    5.0 PCM?

    Or you can spend another thousand $ on the Mega Squirt Plug and Play ECM (MSPNP2) and spend the rest of your life tuning. It does work really well, but it ain't cheap and the learning curve is steep.
  19. Elutheros

    Firewall Cracked @ Master Cylinder!

    I had a '91 with that problem. I put a piece of flat steel on the engine side as I recall and used longer bolts to reinforce the cracked area.

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